The Traveler’s Dilemma: What to Do on Long Trips

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Long travels whether on land, sea or air can be taxing. We’ve all done it, and sometimes more frequently than we’d like to. They challenge us not only physically but also mentally as well. Our minds wander as we sit for hours. It would be great if we can turn boredom into better things like excitement, productivity, or even relaxation. Here are a few things that you can try on your next extended plane ride, layover, or commute:

Learn a New Language

You can also use these extended periods to learn new things such as a foreign language. Books on tape were popular back in the day. They evolved into CDs and now into digital downloads. The same principles are used to teach listeners. Follow along as the instructor explains the meaning of words. Repeat phrases and join conversations. Make this a daily habit for a few months and you can be speaking like a local on your next holiday abroad.

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Play Online Games

This is perhaps the most popular way to pass the time these days. Our phones are always within reach and they are more powerful than ever. In the past, they could only run simple games in black and white. Now we can enjoy incredible graphics with sophisticated gameplay. You could download titles from any of the app stores or seek out sites that offer online games. After all, wireless Internet is everywhere these days so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a connection. Try exciting games at Royal Vegas online casino for starters and have hours of fun.

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Listen to Audiobooks

If you love books, use commutes as an opportunity to make progress on your reading list. Those who aren’t driving may bring physical books or an e-ink device. However, the vibrations inside a moving vehicle can make it difficult for the eyes to focus on the text. Listening to audiobooks is a lot more convenient as you can simply put on your earphones and press play. There are lots of great titles on audio including nearly all the bestsellers. Choose from different genres according to your preferences.


Relax with Music

Getting stuck in traffic jams can be stressful. Some people become irritable because of this daily burden, especially since they are usually rushing to work in the morning or just wanting to go home in time for dinner. Music is known for its ability to make us feel relaxed. Load up with soothing tunes and play them when you are feeling anxious. We may not be able to change the traffic congestion but we can always change the way that we perceive the situation.

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Create a To-do List

Prepare for the day ahead. Use the idle time to visualize your schedule and note the things that you need to accomplish. Be as detailed as possible and allot a specific hour for each task to ensure that they can all be given proper attention. Think about the tools and materials that you might require for your projects and how you can acquire these. Check off each item as you complete them and feel satisfied at the end of a busy day.

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The Traveler’s Dilemma: What to Do on Long Trips The Traveler’s Dilemma: What to Do on Long Trips

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  1. EG III says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I always carry along my good old pen and pad during long trips…handy for jotting down quick notes instead of always relying on technology.

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