Travel Better Now Than Ten Years Ago, Says Survey

In spite of all the turmoil caused by security requirements and screenings in airport, or lost or late luggage due to extreme weather conditions and other tourism disruption factors, most people believe travel is much better now than it was ten years ago. This is the main conclusion of a new Orbitz survey of 1000 US respondents that have traveled over the past 12 months.

According to the poll results released by the online travel company, 71% or respondents believe travel has improved over the past decade, another 61% stating that the possibility to compare online travel offers is the best thing about 2011 vacationing compared to a decade ago.

“There is a time and money factor. It’s fast and it’s easy now with online bargain hunting, and people can make sure they are getting the absolute best deal,” explained Marita Hudson-Thomas, Orbitz’s director of public relations.

Although the travel industry has been improving over the years, not all is seen as a positive trait of how things work. 81% of respondents named extra airline charges (checked bag fees, having to pay for airplane food, etc) the worst thing about 2011 travel.

When it comes to flying, being able to choose your seat when you book a flight is a very popular feature, as a significant number of tourists see it as very useful.

Another interesting poll fact is that, although smart phone adoption has massively increased, 76% of travelers owning such a device do not use them to book their trips. Yet Orbitz forecasts the shift to phone bookings will be made as tourists become more used to the benefits of the new technology.

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