The ABC Islands Spell Out Fantastic Holidays

If you are looking for a fantastic holiday destination in the Caribbean, the answer is as easy as ABC.

If you have never heard of the ABC Islands, let me spell it out for you: these are an archipelago of three islands in the Leeward Antilles region of the Caribbean called Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. They are located right off the coast of Venezuela. These islands are actually part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but not part of the European Union. Curacao and Aruba are what is known as autonomous countries which belong to the Netherlands, with their own separate parliament and prime minister. Bonaire is referred to as a “special municipality”, but is still subject to Netherlands law.

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These ABC islands in the Caribbean are an incredibly beautiful place to spend a holiday, and each one offers its own unique treasures for the traveller to discover.

A is for Aruba

Aruba is the most southern of the ABC Islands and the farthest west as well. It can be reached easily from Venezuela as it is only 15 miles from the coast. Aruba is known as the “Happy Island” and the party never stops here. One of the Caribbean’s most popular travel destinations, it is well known for its beautiful smooth and flat beaches, luxurious resorts, flashy casinos, and excellent restaurants. Aruba is glitz and glamour, within a stunning tropical setting, and you will never get bored on this little jewel of an island.

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B is for Bonaire

For more of a taste of the natural beauty of the Caribbean, visit the island of Bonaire. It is a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts, and is considered one of the top ten scuba diving destinations in the world. Bonaire is surrounded by coral reefs on all sides, which are home to many colourful species of sea life.

This island is much less touristic and highly developed than Aruba. Nature lovers will truly feel at home here in the lush scenery of this gorgeous island. There are many excellent opportunities for hiking and sightseeing in the expansive Washington-Slagbaai National Park.

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C is for Curacao

Curacao is the largest in the group and has a wonderful mixture of Dutch influence and Caribbean charm. This island is well known for the remarkable natural phenomenon of the Hato Caves. They were gouged out of the limestone cliff faces over the course of millions of years as the island emerged out of the sea. Wander through these eerie caves and watch the water dripping slowly from the hundreds of massive stalactites. Another popular activity in Curacao is to tour the rugged countryside on a jeep safari, rumbling through the huge fields of cactus and the endless beaches.

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The ABC islands are a great assortment of everything that makes the Caribbean a popular tourist destination, from stylish resorts to scuba diving to natural wonders. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are perfect for your next Caribbean holiday, and you can visit them in alphabetical order or not, it’s up to you!

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