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The Traveler’s Dilemma: What to Do on Long Trips

18 November 2016 Passengers in Airport Long travels whether on land, sea or air can be taxing. We’ve all done it, and sometimes more frequently than we’d like to. They challenge us not only physically but ... read more

Falling in Love With London Over One Afternoon

29 October 2016 Big Ben London When it comes to travel destinations that have been on my wish list the longest, London takes the number one prize. Well, unless you overlook my earlier plans of running ... read more

Tips for Hoteliers: How to Use Horses to Entertain Your Guests

26 October 2016 How to Use Horses to Entertain Your Guests If you run a bed and breakfast, inn, private resort, farm house hotel, or any type of accommodation that allows a stable, you might have considered adding horses to your ... read more

Top Romantic Things to Do in Iceland

19 October 2016 Top Romantic Things to Do in Iceland With dramatic scenery, impressive waterfalls, the special lights show put together by Mother Nature, and the ease of getting away from any other human being, Iceland’s romantic vibe is more ... read more

Tips to Save When Planning Your Next Trip

30 September 2016 London, United Kingdom To get the most travel for your money, you have to strive to save whenever you can. From smart planning to amassing miles on the corporate dime, staying budget-conscious is ... read more

The Girl and Globe’s Spending Fall in Virginia Cities Like Richmond, Harrisonburg, and More

29 September 2016 Alexandria, Virginia This post was initially published on The Girl and the Globe‘s blog on September 12, 2016, by Becky.  Fall in Virginia is the best time to visit. The state bursts with ... read more

Top Hotels for a Miami Beach Dream Vacation

27 September 2016 Miami Beach, Florida Miami Beach is one of the best destinations in the world for a luxury vacation. With pristine beaches, hiking trails, and bustling nightlife, it’s no wonder so many tourists want ... read more