Tips to Save When Planning Your Next Trip

London, United Kingdom

To get the most travel for your money, you have to strive to save whenever you can. From smart planning to amassing miles on the corporate dime, staying budget-conscious is always a plus. Even if you don’t particularly need to save, why not take some of your budget for transportation and hotels and invest it in some fun activities instead? I did just that when I traveled to Oludeniz, Turkey. I found a great hotel at a nice price, then spent all my remaining money on private beaches, paragliding, and souvenirs. Keep your spending on track with these simple travel planning tricks.

Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz, Turkey

Travel During the Off-Season

The busy tourist season comes with numerous perks like events, lots of people to meet, bright sunny days, and fresh ski slopes. But off-season travel has its own fair share of benefits, too. You’ll find lower price tags on everything, from plane tickets to accommodation to tours, and the crowds thin out. You can take your time enjoying the sights, relish in the milder weather, and take the best travel pictures without large crowds blocking your view.

Prague, Czech Republic

Inside Prague Castle, Before the Christmas craze

Make Sure You Collect Miles and Points

Membership cards, credit cards, and rewards programs all come with perks. Some booking sites offer free nights, airlines reward return customers with miles, and credit card companies offer points for purchases. You can use all of them to travel cheaper. The details may vary based on where you live, but there’s always something you can do. Don’t hesitate to join an airline membership program, get a points-based credit card, or sign up for a hotel rewards program. You’ll have to fill out a few forms, but your efforts pay off in the end.

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

Keep an Eye on Special Offers and Deals

If your travel schedule isn’t too rigid, then you can plan your next trip based on the vacation deals that might pique your attention. Sign up for newsletters from airlines, booking sites, hotels, and tour companies to help you stay on top of all the deals and special offers. You might end up with a cluttered inbox, but you can easily solve that problem by sending all of your travel-related emails to a special folder.

Check Offers After You’ve Booked and Collect Coupons

If you have a favorite provider for booking trips, then try to find travel coupons that you can use for a discount. This might bring down the cost of your vacation even more. What’s equally important, however, is that you shouldn’t forget about looking for deals once you’ve booked, especially if you plan well in advance.

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom, Before the Summer Season Peak

For example, I first booked my hotel for this year’s trip to Berlin about six months in advance. In that time, I spotted two better offers, which caused me to rebook my room and cancel the previous booking. That brought down the price of my accommodation by about 100 euros, which equals significant savings.

What about you? Which travel hacks do you use to bring down the price of your travels?

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Travel Tips to Help You Save When Planning Your Next Trip