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Enjoying Holidays Under Practical Prices

12 June 2013 Just the thought of enjoying a stress free holiday in the company of friends or family sends a jolt of relaxation to the mind and spirit and planning your next ... read more

Most Britons Book Their Trips Online, Threatening Traditional Agent’s Business

2 February 2012 Booking trips through online travel agencies is quickly gaining ground, making traditional travel agents obsolete. Recent data shows only 1 in 10 Britons will book their annual trip ... read more

Australian Travelers Go Back to Traditional Travel Agents

10 June 2011 Following in the footsteps of the banking sector, the travel industry in Australia shows a new emerging trend that puts traditional travel agents back into the heart of vacation booking ... read more

New Start-up Shows Room Views to Help Choose the Perfect Hotel

25 February 2011 Probably one of the best features of online booking is the possibility choose from you own home the type of room you want, a duplex, a room with a view ... read more

Online Travel Booking on The Rise

29 November 2010 A new study by IDC Retail Insights shows that consumers show an increasing preference for online methods when booking their travels and making other purchases. To reach these results, IDC ... read more

Online Booking Sites Lose Ground to Traditional Travel Agents

16 November 2010 Due to a growing frustration with online booking sites and a need to interact with actual humans when planning their vacations, travelers are returning from the web to the traditional ... read more