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Budapest, the Perfect Destination for a Couple’s City Break

2 August 2017 Hungarian Parliament Building If you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m a big fan of romantic getaways, especially short ones, like a day or a weekend away with your partner. City breaks ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Central Park, NYC

13 May 2013 While I love nature and off the beaten path getaways, with a bit of an adventure twist, I am also a sucker for city breaks. And one of my favorite ... read more

24 Hours in Philly: What to See and What to Miss

11 May 2013 Figuring out how to allocate your time might seem like a daunting task if you only have 24 hours to spend in Philadelphia, but it is actually the perfect amount ... read more

New York in Four Days

8 April 2012 A metropolitan area with a huge population and endless tourist draws, New York City has long been considered the mecca of arts, culture and personality in the American tourism industry, ... read more

City Trip Ideas: The World’s Most Livable Cities

10 December 2011 Vienna, most livable city in the world If you don’t know how to pick the next destination for your city break, we have a suggestion for you: the latest Mercer 2011 Quality of Living Survey ranking the most livable ... read more

Travel to Prague for a City Break

9 June 2011 Travel to Prague for a City Break Oddly, Prague has retained its position as a top stag and hen destination in Europe despite the steep price rises recent years have brought to the country. However the party ... read more