24 Hours in Philly: What to See and What to Miss

Figuring out how to allocate your time might seem like a daunting task if you only have 24 hours to spend in Philadelphia, but it is actually the perfect amount of time to get a basic introduction to the city. Instead of worrying about everything that you will miss out on, you should focus on enjoying a few key attractions. After all, if you enjoy the experience, you can always plan a longer visit in the future.


1) The Philadelphia Museum of Art – If you love art, then definitely set aside some time to tour this museum.Although it is very possible to spend an entire day enjoying what many consider to be the second best art museum in the country, you can easily get at least an overview of the collection in two to three hours.

2) Independence National Historical Park – It is difficult to visit Philadelphia without seeking out the history of the nation, and you will be able to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall by walking through this square mile. However, it is important to note that individuals who are not history buffs might be better off skipping the long line to take their picture with the Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell

3) Taste of the Social life – During a bustling day of visiting some of Philly’s best attractions, you can unwind at one of the many local bars and clubs. Some of the most highly rated spots include Monk’s Cafe, Marmont, Barcade, the Helium Comedy Club and Chris’ Jazz Cafe. While you are unwinding, make sure that you do not put yourself in a position where you will get arrested for a DUI. The city has several public transportation options to help you avoid this. However, if you do get pulled over while driving under the influence, you should contact a local Philadelphia DUI lawyer immediately.

4) Eastern State Penitentiary – If you enjoy a touch of the macabre with your historical outings, the Eastern State Penitentiary is definitely a good place to spend a couple of hours. By taking a tour of the world’s first penitentiary, you can see Al Capone’s cell, death row and solitary confinement cells. The penitentiary’s violent history has made it a hot spot for ghost hunters, and part of it is turned into a haunted house each October.

Eastern State Penitentiary

5) Academy of Natural Sciences – Whether you have children with you or simply have a love of dinosaurs, the Academy of Natural Sciences is a great spot to visit that is not typically overrun by tourists. The academy’s highlights include a paleontology exhibit with dinosaur bones, a butterfly room and animal shows.

6) “Rocky” Statue – Movie lovers will want to take a few moments to visit the famous Rocky Statue that memorializes the fictitional character from Philadelphia, and they will also have the opportunity to run up the same outside staircase that he did. The statue is free to visit, but if sports movies are not your thing, you might want to skip it in favor of another attraction.

Detail of the Rocky Statue (1980) by A.Thomas Schomberg

Regardless of which attractions you choose to visit, spending 24 hours in Philadelphia is definitely better than not seeing the city at all. Therefore, you should make a list of the places that you are interested in to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. And keep in mind that, if you do run into trouble, working with a Philadelphia-based DUI attorney is always the best option because they are going to have a full understanding of all of the local laws that will impact your case.

About the author

Having toured Philly herself, Ann Bailey shares these tips for travelers with a packed tour schedule. The Philadelphia DUI lawyer group at the law offices of Steven E. Kellis are dedicated to aggressive representation of clients involved in any DUI related charges, regardless of the circumstances of their arrest.