Seizing Investment Opportunities: The Emergence of Yekta Kingdom Premium in the Real Estate Market


For investors on the lookout for top-tier property options, Yekta Kingdom Premium stands out as a development situated in Kestel, Alanya. Positioned in a growing area near the coastline, this project holds promise for capital appreciation as the neighborhood evolves. Reflecting a commitment to living, Yekta Kingdom Premium offers luxurious 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments ranging from 110 sqm to 210 sqm. Featuring design elements, premium finishes, and spacious balconies that offer glimpses of sea views, these homes aim to redefine opulent living. Furthermore, with amenities geared towards attracting both tourists and long-term tenants, there is potential for returns from this venture. Tailored with families in consideration, Yekta Kingdom Premium fosters a family atmosphere with amenities such as playgrounds, kids clubs, and entertainment areas.

Residents also have the opportunity to enjoy resort-style amenities such as pools, a spa, a gym, and dining options on-site, creating a lifestyle of being on holiday. For investors in Turkey, there is an added appeal for potential government perks like tax benefits and simplified residency procedures based on the investment amount. Yekta Kingdom Premium offers a range of apartment layouts priced between €200,000 to €700,000, providing investment flexibility tailored to preferences.

Experience Luxury Living by the Sea; Explore the Apartments at Yekta Kingdom Premium

Located in the sought-after area of Kestel in Alanya, the Yekta Kingdom Premium apartments offer a living experience like no other. Situated near the beach, residents can anticipate an appreciation of property value as this dynamic area continues to thrive. These luxury residences come in layouts including 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 configurations ranging from 110 sqm to 210 sqm. They feature designs, high-quality materials, and spacious balconies that offer sea views, ensuring a lifestyle of opulence and coziness. Additionally, this project presents an opportunity to generate income given its prime location, excellent facilities, and close proximity to the beach, making it a desirable choice for both vacationers and long-term renters. Families are warmly welcomed into this community as it offers a range of family amenities like playgrounds for children, especially a kids club and a games room to create a harmonious and engaging environment for residents of all ages.

  1. Luxurious Facilities: The Yekta Kingdom Premium development provides residents with access to a beach area, a spa and wellness center, and a rooftop infinity pool with panoramic views of the glistening Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Eco Friendly Living; The apartments are crafted with features such as energy appliances, solar panels, for heating purposes and environmentally friendly rooftop design aimed at promoting sustainability while minimizing the ecological impact.
  3. Residents, locally at Yekta Kingdom Premium, can enjoy personalized concierge services tailored to their needs, such as scheduling excursions, making restaurant reservations, arranging transportation, and managing housekeeping tasks.

In every apartment, residents have access to cutting-edge home technology that allows them to regulate lighting, temperature, security systems, and entertainment features using their smartphones or voice commands. The neighborhood organizes a range of gatherings and programs, such as beach gatherings, yoga sessions, culinary demonstrations, and cultural nights, to foster a feeling of camaraderie among locals.

Experience resort-style living at its finest in the Yekta Kingdom Premium complex. With amenities like swimming pools, a spa for relaxation, and cafes for socializing, residents can immerse themselves in an environment. Besides the swimming pools and luxurious spa, residents of Yekta Kingdom Premium enjoy a range of resort-style amenities that take their living experience to a whole new level. The equipped fitness center allows residents to stay active conveniently within the complex, while the cozy cafes provide the spot entirely for relaxed coffee breaks or casual get-togethers. Moreover, the on-site restaurants offer an experience that complements the ambiance of the community, ensuring that every aspect of resort-style living is thoughtfully curated for residents’ pleasure and convenience.

Maximizing Returns: Discover the Potential Rental Income Opportunities

Investing in Yekta Kingdom Premium offers individuals the chance to increase their income through properties. Foreign investors looking at estate in Turkey can benefit from government perks like tax incentives and simplified residency procedures based on their investment size. Drawing tourists and long term tenants to this location can boost income prospects even further creating a reliable source of revenue, for investors.

Travelers, in search of lodging experiences and individuals seeking top notch living spaces for stays are attracted to the luxury and convenience provided by Yekta Kingdom Premium. Investors can capitalize on this demand maximizing income potential while offering appealing housing options to a range of customers.

  1. Prime Location: The strategic positioning of Yekta Kingdom Premium in a city or close to tourist spots can significantly influence rental demand and income opportunities.
  2. Property Management Services: Utilizing professional property management services can streamline the process, ensuring a flow of tenants and optimizing profitability.
  3. Enhancements and Facilities: Making investments in upgrades and sought-after amenities within the property can draw in paying tenants, ultimately boosting rental revenue.
  4. Analysis of Market Trends: Keeping abreast of real estate market trends and rental rates can empower investors to make choices that enhance their returns.

Regarding the section on Government Incentives for Investors in Turkey, foreign investors interested in properties, like Yekta Kingdom Premium, can benefit from tax incentives and residency procedures offered by the country. These incentives are designed to attract investments to the real estate sector, presenting it as a profitable option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Understanding and taking advantage of these incentives can not only result in financial gains but also pave the way for obtaining residency in Turkey, creating new opportunities for investors to explore.

Government Incentives for Investors: Learn About the Tax Breaks and Residency Procedures

When focusing on the details mentioned in the section title, Yekta Kingdom Premium provides investment flexibility with apartment layouts for selection. This allows investors to choose units that best fit their requirements and budget preferences, whether they prefer a studio or a spacious penthouse. With prices ranging between €200,000 and €700,000, investors have the chance to customize their investments based on properties in the region.


The diversity in pricing and apartment configurations empowers investors to make decisions that align with their objectives and preferences, enhancing Yekta Kingdom Premium’s appeal as an investment opportunity supported by the Turkish government’s incentives.

In Summary

To sum it all up Yekta Kingdom Premium boasts a location in Kestel, Alanya offering living spaces ideal for generating potential rental income. Its family friendly atmosphere, resort facilities and government incentives make it an appealing investment choice, with options.

To dive deeper and make the most of this chance head over to the project page, on for in-depth details and embark, kindly on your journey to owning a slice of luxury in an up and coming neighborhood.