4 Tips for Saving Money On Your Disney Vacation


Disney provides many opportunities for people to spend money. Although the rides, attractions, and resorts offer experiences worth every penny, the admissions costs can quickly add up, causing you to overspend. However, implementing the right tricks can help keep your spending in check. Explained below are four tips for saving money on your Disney vacation.

Set a Daily Budget and Stick to It

Although people have varying expectations for the level of experience, accommodation, and other things they would like to explore, setting a daily budget and sticking to it is paramount if you wish to save money on your Disney vacation. It helps track and control your expenses, which lowers the risk of spending on impulse. To create a realistic daily budget, determine how much you intend to spend on the trip and do your research to get accurate estimates. A comprehensive budget should include the following:

  • Disney park tickets
  • Parking fees when you visit Disney World
  • Food
  • Additional cash for snacks and other things

According to an analysis of how much you need a day at Walt Disney World, a good daily Disney budget is roughly $233 per person per day. This amount doesn’t include accommodation but covers theme park tickets, food, money for spending, and food. You can also find ways to cut this figure further.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

While visiting Disney is generally expensive, going during peak seasons (school vacations, weekends, during summer, and holidays) is more costly because crowds are usually large. Consider visiting Disney World during off-peak seasons, as that’s when crowds are the smallest, and Disney is likely to offer more affordable rates. This translates to less costly pricing for park tickets and resort stays, helping you save a significant amount of money.


During slow times, Disney is highly likely to run promotions and special offers to entice guests. So, be on the lookout for such opportunities to save money. January through mid-February is one of the cheapest times to go to Disney World because it comes after the holidays.

Bring Your Own Food

Although Walt Disney World offers infinite food choices, the price tag is quite hefty. Bringing your own food when visiting Disney is one of the best ways to save money. When it comes to drinks, only non-alcoholic beverages are allowed into the park. Food and beverage are allowed into the park for self-consumption, provided:


  • They’re not in glass containers
  • Don’t need heating, refrigeration, reheating, temperature control, or processing
  • Don’t have strong, sharp, unpleasant smells

However, you must inform a Security Cast Member of your intention to bring food and drinks into the park to accelerate the security screening procedure.

Leverage Credit Card Points

If you wish to apply for a new credit card, do it several months before your Disney vacation. Most reward cards provide generous sign-up or welcome bonuses for fresh cardholders. Suppose you meet the minimum spend requirement within a specific time. In that case, you can earn a bonus of a significant amount of miles, cash back, or points, which can come in handy in helping offset your Disney vacation expenses. If you’re already a credit card holder with accumulated rewards, you can redeem them to cater to your Disney vacation expenses, saving money.


Disney vacations aren’t cheap, and expenses can spiral out of control if you’re not careful. However, implementing tactics like setting a daily budget and sticking to it, traveling during off-peak seasons, bringing your own food, and leveraging credit card points can help you save money on your Disney vacation.