Discover the World’s Best Fishing Destinations

When it comes to activities that allow an escape from the trappings of modern life and reconnection with nature, fishing is high among them. Here, anglers everywhere can enjoy the solace of their natural surroundings while calmly awaiting their catch of the day.

To further enhance the stress-reducing benefits of this sport, fishing enthusiasts can blend their hobby with another relaxing activity, namely going on vacation. By combining the two, anglers can explore exotic locations and new varieties of fish while also enjoying the benefits of some holiday time. In this article, we have rounded up some of the best fishing spots around the world for you to cast your line and reel in some great experiences.

Montauk, New York

The ocean waters around Montauk offer anglers one of the best spots for fishing in the United States. Here you can catch a variety of fish including bluefish, fluke, porgy, tuna, and striped bass from the shoreline or by chartering a fishing boat. If it’s your first time doing the latter, these charter tips provide some helpful information to prepare you for your expedition.

Some of the best boating spots to hit to increase your chances of luring your prize catch are Butterfish Hole, the Elbow, the Frisbees, and Fishtails. If you prefer to stay on shore, increase your odds by heading to Montauk Lighthouse, Shagwong Beach, or Ditch Plains.

The best time to go is from late August to mid-November. 

Malinda, Kenya

Located on Kenya’s central coastline, Malinda is home to an array of diverse fish species. Situated on the Indian Ocean, it offers numerous fishing opportunities including deep-sea fishing where anglers can hope to catch species such as marlin,  tuna, kingfish, dorado, swordfish and sailfish.

Anglers can enjoy fishing from the beautiful beaches on Malinda or charter one of the many fishing boats that are manned by experienced and knowledgeable guides. The best time to come fishing here is during the Kenyan summer in January or February.

Nova Scotia, Canada

The rich fishing grounds of Nova Scotia lure professional and amateur anglers from around the world to their waters. There are many coastal areas in this part of Canada to enjoy a spot of fishing such as the picturesque port town of Lunenburg.

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the waters off Lunenburg are teeming with marine life such as cod, haddock, mackerel, trout, salmon and bluefin tuna, with the occasional shark in sight. Other great places for fishing in Nova Scotia include Mahone Bay, Prince Edward Island and Bras d’Or Lake.


From Flatts Village and Horseshoe Bay to Hamilton Harbor and Great Sound, Bermuda offers anglers some of the most favorable deep-sea fishing destinations in the Atlantic.  While fishing enthusiasts can expect a catch any time of year, the best time to go is between May and November when the waters are at their calmest. Best known for its blue marlin fishing, Bermudian waters are also home to wahoo, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi and various snapper species.

With all these destinations to choose from all that’s left is to pack your gear and look forward to your next great fishing adventure.