National Parks in Australia – Perfect Places for Vacationers

There are many places that you can visit on your long-awaited vacation – amazing beaches of California, Italian historical monuments, splashing lights of Las Vegas, etc. But if you want to see some of the most beautiful areas in the world and get in touch with one of the most complex ecosystems, National Parks in Australia are definitely the right place.

There are various parks to visit in Australia but these four have been designated as National Parks for a reason.

The most popular National Park in Australia for tourists and locals alike is located in Queensland. Known as the Great Sandy National Park, its land is filled with rainforest, beaches, swamps, creeks, and lakes. They are all beautiful in their own way and those who are interested in wildlife can see wildlife living in their own natural habitat. The park was first established in 1971. It was split into two different sections – the Cooloola and the Fraser Island.

Carlo Sand Blow

The Cooloola section, located on the coastal area between Rainbow Beach in the north and Noosa Heads in the south, is known for its five day hiking trail. There are also boat tours, canoeing adventures and whale watching excursions available. As for Fraser Island, this is the only place where individuals can find a rainforest that grows in the sand. Walking trails in the area allow individuals to experience this unusual site plus there are also swimming and fishing spots to enjoy.


Queensland is also a home to another major National Park in Australia. This one is called the Daintree and is in Far North Queensland. While this park is beautiful in many ways, one of the main reasons that tourists visit is to see the wide variety of animals that can be found here. Daintree National Park is reputable and well known for its great biodiversity. The rainforest in the area is home to various rare specifies of animals and is the haven for thousands of birds. One of the most popular forests in the park is Greater Daintree Rainforest, probably one of the oldest rainforests in the world.

Blue Lagoon

The Kakadu National Park is a place where tourists are highly recommended to visit even though it requires a special trip. This one is located within the Northern Territory of Australia called Alligator Rivers.

Kakadu - National Park - Australië

These beautiful lands are known for the wide range of wildlife. There are about 60 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, over 10,000 species of insects, and over 50 species of freshwater creatures, not to mention the over 1,600 species of plants. This is one of the National Parks in Australia that have some of the most renown cultural displays available. It is also placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kakadu Tour, Kakadu National Park

The Nambung National Park is home to the Pinnacles which are limestone structures in Western Australia. This is possibly one of the most unique features that a caller can see. Created from broken down seashells blown inland, the dunes eventually formed into freestanding structures that can’t really be compared to features of other parks. The Pinnacles as they have been called weren’t added to the Nambung National Park until the 1960s but as of 2008, even an interpretive and visitors’ center has been added. This National Park receives over 250,000 guests a year.

Pinnacles Desert Nambung National Park Western Australia

All National Parks in Australia have something to offer which makes them a perfect destination for many tourists. These four are just some of the most unique parks in Australia a person can find. Phillip Island, Great Barrier Reef, Blue Mountains and many more are also places you should see when visiting this amazing continent. Just bring a suitcase, a lot of good energy and your trip to Australia is likely to be an unforgettable one!

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