7 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Las Vegas This 2023

7 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Las Vegas This 2023

Bright neon lights, back-to-back luxury hotels, and five-star restaurants are only some of what awaits you in Las Vegas. Located in Nevada, Las Vegas practically became the USA’s shining star with how much life it has day in and day out. That’s why people from across the globe are eager to go on a trip there.

However, those who’ve never been there tend to assume that Las Vegas is only known for its countless casinos. Although gambling halls are one of its popular entertainments, you’re mistaken if you assume that’s the only thing Vegas has. Some activities outside of gambling could drive anyone’s heart to race tremendously.

Have Fun At Festivals

Those who aren’t locals might have no idea Las Vegas has festivals it sticks with. Considering all the busy establishments have overpowered them, tourists might be surprised once their trips coincide with a holiday, allowing them to enjoy the festival weekend.

But aside from established holidays, locals from Las Vegas hold festivals that anyone can join in. For example, Rise Festival is held every October, specifically on the first week of the month. Although it’s not a tradition for bountiful harvests or safe weather, this festival is meant for everyone to gather at night and light lanterns before letting them fly off. Only imagining thousands of lanterns illuminating the sky isn’t enough from the real things.

Watch Live Sports

Instead of being blinded by all the lights from casinos, consider attending a sports event. Because as thrilling as it is to watch the numbers fall on odds or evens, having players compete with high stakes is unlike any other. However, to bring your experience to the next level, consider participating in a gambling pool for other viewers to join in. After all, nothing makes one’s heart pound more than staking money on a bet.

7 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Las Vegas This 2023

Soar Across The Sky

Las Vegas is extremely alluring for all thrill seekers when they have a wide variety of exciting activities. Because aside from the thrill you get out of a winning streak, nothing beats spending some time high off the ground. Ziplining is a great example of a thrilling experience. However, riding a helicopter and flying over the Vegas Strip would make a fantastic highlight of your trip.

Visit Museums

On the surface, museums may sound like the last place anyone would consider exciting. But now that you’re in Las Vegas, it’s best that you throw away that perception instead of listening to some dull discussion.  Museums found in Las Vegas preserve all kinds of unexpected things. The Erotic Heritage Museum preserves erotic artworks and films while encouraging body positivity. The National Atomic Testing Museum is dedicated to the mystery found at the Nevada Test Site.

It captures glimpses of what transpired beneath the US for underground nuclear testing. There’s even one called Mob Museum that gives visitors an interactive journey through Vegas’ seedy history. These museums are only a sample of what awaits you in Las Vegas. Given how surprising they are, it doesn’t hurt to peek at them during your trip.

Go To A Concert

Finding an opportunity to watch your favorite artist live is few and far between. Because depending on their popularity, grabbing a ticket for yourself might be impossible, especially if you missed the right time to meet in Las Vegas. All you have to do is be mindful of the artist’s schedule before planning your next move.

7 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Las Vegas This 2023

Explore The Glitter Gulch

Also called Fremont Street, this is the perfect hub for thrill seekers and curious tourists. Because on top of how lively the rest of Las Vegas is, Fremont Street takes the cake as one of the places that never seems to sleep with how lively everything is, day in and day out. After all, this is where a little bit of everything Vegas has to offer is found.

Experience what it’s like to ‘fly’ for five city blocks’ worth of distance once you try out the zipline, towering at a staggering 11-story height. Music venues are for handling events or free concerts at times. Moreover, there’s no shortage of food places and casinos when they’re back-to-back on Fremont Street.

Go Out Of Town

As thrilling as it is to roam around everything Vegas offers, excitement can be seen outside the bright lights and unsleeping establishments. Because when you leave the city, you might stumble upon incredible landforms that will embed themselves in your mind for a long time. Red Rock Canyon is located west of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert.

Officials have protected Red Rock Canyon because it’s a natural conservation area. After all, the rich historical background of centuries-old native American artworks is engraved along the rocks as a petroglyph wall. Aside from that, the place has unique geology that gives the entire hike a wonderful surprise hiding around every corner.

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Although it’s famous for countless casinos and other indulgences, Las Vegas isn’t limited to just those qualities. After all, what makes Las Vegas a must-visit city is how exciting everything is. Even those uninterested in the lively bustle can enjoy what Vegas offers. Fortunately, many exciting activities await everyone.