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National Parks in Australia – Perfect Places for Vacationers

10 October 2012 There are many places that you can visit on your long-awaited vacation – amazing beaches of California, Italian historical monuments, splashing lights of Las Vegas, etc. But if you want ... read more

The Beautiful Blue Mountains: Australia’s Most Accessible Wilderness

16 August 2011 Australia’s Most Accessible Wilderness The trouble with most wilderness areas is their remoteness. Just when you need a little “nature therapy” the most, you can’t have it because it involves so much time, money ... read more

Sailing and sunbathing on New Year’s Eve

31 July 2010 Coconut tree, Carribean Cruise, New Year's Eve Guest post by Cristina Banu Last year was the first in which I did not see any snow in the period around New Year’s Eve. Why? Because I spent that special ... read more