Must Visit Zoos in Europe

Must Visit Zoos in Europe

Eifel Tower. Stonehenge. Huge palaces. These are some of the places and things that a tourist would like to see in Europe. But you should know that Europe has more to offer. They have great theme parks which kids of all ages should try and they have amazing zoos as well.

Speaking of zoos, I’ll give you my top 5 picks. They are the best in Europe. Next time you plan your Europe trip, include one of the zoos below.

Zoolandia, Finland

Zoolandia isn’t a huge zoo. But I think that it is their selling point. Because they only have around 160 animals, you can surely appreciate them all. It would be very easy to see all the creatures. I’m sure an hour or 2 should be enough. In that span of time, you’ll be learning a lot of things.

Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany

If you want a piece of history and a zoo rolled into one, then you better visit Berlin Zoological Garden in Germany. It is known to be the oldest zoo in Germany. For those who would like to spend days in Zoos, I would pick this one. They have more than 17,000 animals. Imagine how huge the zoo is. Wear your most comfortable sneakers in that case.

Giardino Zoologico di Roma, Italy

It was first built for entertainment purposes. But in 1994, the idea to transform it into a bio park emerged. The zoo had its rough times too. In the 70s, the reptile house had to be closed. But now, I say that it’s becoming bigger and better all over the years.

Must Visit Zoos in Europe

Basel Zoo, Switzerland

For starters, Basel Zoo is a non-profit zoo.  They have an average of 1.7 million visitors per year. That’s a huge number and that says that the zoo is worth visiting. Basel Zoo is not only known as one of the best zoos in Europe. It is also considered one of the best around the globe. They have different attractions and exhibits which I’m sure the whole family can enjoy.

Artis Zoo, Amsterdam

Would you like to see a geological museum, a zoological museum, a planetarium and an aquarium? Well, Artis Zoo is the perfect spot. This zoo was not opened for the public until the year 1851. I love this zoo because it boasts historical buildings or structures. For tourists, those are the picture perfect sites.

By going to the above zoos, you’ll know why people keep coming back to Europe. They have gazillion things to present.

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