Hawaii Invests USD 3 Million to Counter Japan Tourism Fall

Hawaii tourism has taken a big fall due to the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan. Not only did the country suffer damages, they also had to deal with a sharp decline in travelers from Japan, one of the top countries sending foreign tourists to Hawaii, and home of the most aggressive spenders on the island.

In order to counter the fall taken by their tourism industry, Hawaii officials have approved an investment of 3 million US dollars from the state’s reserve funds. The Hawaii Tourism Authority announced a vote to use the money from Hawaii’s special reserve to boost tourism and compensate the steep fall caused by the earthquake and its immediate and long term consequences.

The overall drop in Japanese visitors expected by state officials is of 45%. Before the earthquake, about 1.2 million Japanese citizens traveled to Hawaii, making it the number one destination for the Nippon country. In 2010 alone, Japanese tourists spent an average of 1.9 million US dollars during their stay in Hawaii.

The newly accessed funds will pay for promotion campaigns that will attract visitors from other countries. The tourism boosting plan also targets an increase in number of flights from Korea and China and also sending a tourism delegation to Japan in an attempt to reduce the effects on Japanese choices of vacation.

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