Dazzling Yachting Destinations

Dazzling Yachting Destinations

If you’ve got the cash and the spirit, think of all the places you can see by yacht. Buying a vessel to travel the world with is a brilliant investment and something that will enhance your lifestyle considerably. There are many places that are worth visiting by sea, and some truly remarkable destinations stand out from the rest.

Florida Keys

The boating capital of the United States, this is a destination that should be at the top of any captain’s dream destination list. An archipelago made up of 4500 islands divides the beautiful Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico and is home to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the third largest coral barrier reef in the world. The ocean floor is covered in sea grass, which is vital to the ecosystem and sustains the coral reef. Not only is this destination an ecological wonder, it is also home to some animal and plant species that don’t exist anywhere else in America. The tropical climate is perfect for producing epic thunderstorms but generally, sailing can be done throughout the year and there is a lot of support in and around the area for sailors.

Best time to go: March, April, May, November and early December.


Sail to one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. The geographic region of Patagonia contains the southernmost parts of South America and is located in Argentina and Chile. Folklore in the area says that all the world’s natural wonders were put together in this spectacular place, where forests, oceans, glaciers and cold deserts make up the beautiful landscape. One of the most noteworthy spots to visit is Isla Magdalena Penguinera, which is home to more than 120 000 penguins.

Dazzling Yachting Destinations

Best time to go: Between November and March are great times to visit on your yacht. Management of time is up to you though as the winter months make for dazzling scenery.

Costa Rica

The Rich Coast is a destination full of natural beauty, with a reputation for being one of the friendliest places to visit in the world. There are a range of ports situated around the Costa Rican coast, with the most popular being Puerto Limon thanks to its close proximity to the Panama Canal and the Gulf of Mexico. Tourist spots in the area include visits to volcanoes, national parks and forests, to name a few. Touring around the Pacific and Caribbean coasts will be the experience of a lifetime.

Best time to go: All year round is good, with rainy seasons running from October to November.

The French Riviera

A famous destination worth visiting here is Saint Tropez, known for its seasonal art exhibits, festivals and fireworks. The Mediterranean weather is sublime and the summer months are perfect for sailing and exploring the area. Visit Cote d’ Azur, a region famed for its beautiful, natural harbors and beaches. The area is also home to a host of nature reserve islands called the Golden Islands.

Best time to go: June, July, August and September, when temperatures are high.

If yacht buying is something you’ve never considered before — now is the time to set sail.


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