8 Incredible Destinations for Solo Traveler

Solo travel

Travelling is fun with colleagues, refreshing with family, and exciting with friends, correct? But what about traveling alone? Have you ever given a thought about it? I am sure most of you would be having a lot of places on your bucket list to visit in your lifetime. But there would be many times when all your travel plans are ruined and you just feel bad about it. You have to agree with me, that each one of us gets the thought that it would be simply wonderful to visit and explore the entire world alone. But, if you have never traveled alone you will always hesitate about it. Let me give you a reality check, there is always a first time for everything. So, be bold and go out and travel the entire world alone by taking the solo backpack trips. Here we are listing, 8 incredible destinations for solo travel.


Europe has always given us travel goals. Courtesy – Bollywood RomComs! Right from DDLJ to Queen, Europe has always been popular for holidaying alone and with friends. Paris and Amsterdam are the perfect destinations for the solo traveler. Apart from the grand Eiffel Tower and Disneyland, there are too many things you need to explore there. Walking on the gorgeous streets of Paris and Amsterdam and clicking pictures should always be your priority.

  1. GOA

Goa being the party destination is always fun and exciting to visit with friends but Goa can be equally happening while going alone. Goa is extremely beautiful and you can just go with the flow in Goa all alone and visit all the beautiful beaches and enjoy the serene sunrise and sunset. You would never forget to go to parties all alone and meeting new people and coming back with new memories.


These two top cities of Spain are the perfect places for every solo traveler. If you are struggling with choosing a perfect place for your first ever international solo trip, you can always begin with Spain. Barcelona and Madrid are extremely happening and exciting cities where you can explore a lot. The exotic cafes and the gorgeous streets amidst the pretty cityscapes are worth spending time alone.


Prague is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic and it is the largest city of the place. You must have seen this city in a lot of Bollywood movies. This is one of those cities which have the colourful buildings and the pretty bridges. You can explore so much here alone and spend some time sitting in the beautiful parks and the river-sides. Also, do not miss out on visiting the cute cathedrals of the city.


Rajasthan is a beautiful state of India and it is undoubtedly the most royal land in the country. All the cities in Rajasthan are beautiful but Udaipur is the best. You can obviously explore all but if you are a solo traveler and can explore only one city, then keep Udaipur on the top of the list. It is the city of lakes and palaces. There is no sight in Udaipur which is not royal. You will feel while exploring that this city is really rich.


There is a bundle of places to visit in Budapest. Europe is like a dreamland with a different kind of city for every person. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and it is said to be the paradise of the explorers. You can also say Budapest as the city of lights as the view of the city during the night is so pretty and bright. It is one of the safe destinations to go on a solo trip.

  1. HAMPI

Hampi is a small city in India but the beauty of it is extravagant. This place will give you different thoughts about India. UNESCO has declared this place as the World Heritage Site and you can wonder how beautiful and lavish this place is. You will find cheap hotels and transport to explore this place all alone. I am sure you will come back with lots and lots of good memories about Indian heritage.


Jordan is an exquisite place in the Middle East. This city has ruins of the place and it is still well preserved. Most parts of the city are like a desert and ruins of the forts or the ancient buildings which kind of floats in the Dead Sea. It is something silent and unusual but best for the people who love to travel alone.

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