Australian Tours You Will Remember Forever

Australia is full of incredible things to see and do, with a few of the real highlights being tours that take you to some of the country’s most incredible places. Most famous for its Great Barrier Reef and Great Ocean Road tours, Australia also has a few lesser-known gems up its sleeve for you. So, if you are hoping to have some of those once in a lifetime experiences on your holiday in Australia, be sure to include the following unforgettable Aussie tours.

Monkey Mia Tours

Monkey Mia dolphin

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About ten hours north of the city of Perth is one of the most magical places on the west coast of Australia, Monkey Mia, and the best way to see it is definitely on a tour. Tours leaving Perth stop at some of the most spectacular spots on the way up and then have you hanging out in crystal clear water with the local pod of dolphins. A tour of Monkey Mia will also have you checking out the world’s oldest living fossils, the stromatolites, which are a once in a lifetime treat for anyone who is interested in either history or geology.

Shark Cage Diving, Port Lincoln

If you have always wanted to get up close to a shark, this is one tour that you will be talking about for years to come. The coast of South Australia is home to some pretty large sharks, including the infamous Great White, so you should have no problems finding them, in fact they will most likely find you. The tour boats are custom built to withstand any attacks by the sharks, and anyone can join the tour, as you don’t even need your divers certification. This is one tour that will be a guaranteed highlight of your Australian adventure.

sharks Australia

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Kayaking Tour Byron Bay

This is a fantastic way to get out on the water and up super close to both dolphins and whales off the coast of beautiful Byron Bay. You will be provided with a wetsuit and some kayaking tips, and then your tour will slowly paddle out around the headland and off the coast a little. You won’t be too far off shore so don’t worry, and you have a really good chance at getting an amazing look at whales migrating by, or of some of the local curious dolphins who may come right up to you. There are a lot of tours run out of Byron Bay, though this is by far the best value for money and one you’ll never forget.

Byron Bay Australia

by Ludovic Landry

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains

One of Australia’s most impressive and well maintained cave systems, Jenolan Caves is guaranteed to please with it’s elaborate lighting systems and knowledgeable local tour guides. The tours are quite inexpensive and take roughly an hour, so you can go on one, have some lunch and then check out a second one in the afternoon if you want. There are quite a few tours and are all quite different, though no matter which one you choose, this is a tour that you will remember long after you’ve emerged from the caves. There is also a really nice hotel located right at the caves, so if you are all played out from exploring, get a room and relax.

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains

by Ruth Ellison / Flickr


While a great destination for camping, hiking, walking tours, and outdoorsy types of experiences, the Blue Mountains are also great for shopping, going to one of the many cinemas, enjoying a day visiting the art galeries or pampering yourself at the spa. There’s even a place dedicated to puzzles and science, Selwood Science and Puzzles, so plan your trip to the Blue Mountains with Expedia today.

Each of these tours are fantastic ways to check out Australia’s natural landscape and wildlife, so take one of them or all of them, you are sure to be impressed.

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