The Best Budget-Friendly Family Activities in 2020

For many of us, spending time with the family is more of a necessity than a responsibility or an obligation. By giving your time to your family and close friends you get to showcase how much you care and love them. However, not everyone is lucky or blessed enough to spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Career and business responsibilities are enough to keep a person busy the whole week. Further, vacations are getting increasingly costlier. A two-week vacation for two people in Hawaii costs $7,505. This post is intended to share with some budget-friendly activities you can engage in with your family members.

Here Are the Best Budget-Friendly Family Activities in 2020

1) Enjoy the Natural Phenomena Together

By natural phenomena, I mean events like a haze, aurora, green flash, volcanic eruptions, a double rainbow, sun pillar and many more. However, you cannot plan ahead to witness mindblowing all-natural events like erosion or sedimentation. 

They occur without signaling or notifying anyone in advance. This is why you should always be on a lookout for such activities. The time you spend with your family during such an event is priceless as you may not get an opportunity to recreate the moment.  

2) Volunteer Your Time for the Benefit of the Poor

Did you know that you can volunteer to work for the benefit of the needy in poor countries? You don’t have to pay a huge amount as a donation as most other people do. There are charity organizations like UNICEF offering to pay for your flights so you can help the ones in desperate need. Mostly people from western countries are expected to teach English or Spanish to kids in poor nations. Often, they allow you to take your whole family on a trip. 

3) Play Board Games

Are you done playing Scrabble and Monopoly with your family members? Looking for a new and exciting board game capable of galvanizing the entire family together? In 2020, Cosmic Encounter, Jaipur, Photosynthesis and Splendor are on a rise. Plus, they won’t cost you much. So, head out to the nearest shopping mall and get yourself and your family the latest board game.

4) Learn Survival Skills Together

Survival skills are something that you cannot learn by reading books or watching videos online. No matter how much second-hand information you consume, you will never be ready for the day when you actually need survival skills. This is why it is crucial to learn these skills from an expert or by putting yourself in a difficult (yet manageable) situation.

5) Play Paintball Together

Lastly, if you have kids, the best gift you can give them is a game of paintball put in the open. There are plenty of places where you can take your kids for a game of open paintball. Although, paintball is not as cheap as board games or other indoor games. A game will cost you $20 per person for an hour. Plus, $15 for gear and paint. So, it goes up to $35-$40 per person.


These are the 5 best budget friendly family activities in 2020. Depending on how much you are willing to spend you can choose any one of those. My personal favorites are witnessing a natural phenomenon like a volcano and playing board games.

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