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Sardinian Treasures Agriturismo Ca’ La Somara

10 July 2010 Sardinian Treasures Agriturismo Ca' La Somara If you’re visiting the beautiful island of Sardinia and are looking for a green retreat that’s quiet, relaxing, breathtakingly gorgeous, friendly, inspirational and also has donkeys and a cool pool, ... read more

Hotel Concorde – Best place to stay in Veliko Tarnovo

9 July 2010 Hotel Concorde As getting to Bulgaria is extremely easy for those of use fortunate enough to be living in Bucharest, a lot of the short gettaways I have been on included a ... read more

New tool to help you better plan your DIY vacation:

15 June 2010 DIY vacation As you have probably guessed by now, I am all for taking charge of your vacation and planning it just as you want it to be. Being able to do ... read more

Take online hotel reviews with a grain of salt!

23 November 2009 All major online booking sites ask their customers to post reviews of the hotels they have stayed in. It’s a great way to have them briefly share their experience and ... read more

Online Travel and the Myths Surrounding it

22 September 2008 Nowadays, you can find everything online: hotels, cheap flights, information on what to do in any corner of the world. With agencies and travel shoppers moving online, what’s really happening ... read more

Travel Tweaks + = Love

6 August 2008 All my friends know I’m a fan! I preach about it quite a lot. And although I put my love affair to test every chance I get by comparing ... read more

Hotel Review: DoubleTree – Chicago/O’Hare

30 July 2008 Rosemont was my next stop in the US ever. I had come to the States for an industry event held near Chicago, in the Donald E. Stephens Convention and Conference ... read more