5 Things to Consider When Booking A Group Cruise

A cruise ship holiday alone can be peaceful. A cruise ship holiday for a couple can be romantic. A cruise ship holiday with a group is memorable! What better way to see the world than with family or friends. Group cruises can be a perfect way to celebrate a wedding, unite a family or simply share precious moments together with friends. Most cruise lines offer discounts for large groups booking holidays together and you may even be lucky enough to get your cabin for free if you’re travelling with enough people. In fact some group cruises don’t even have to be with family and friends and may be as part of a hobby connection or convention. However, in life we know that organising large groups of people be a struggle, so here are five tips to ensure that you’re group cruise sails smoothly!

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1: Choose a Leader

It could be you who is an organisational wizard, but if it’s not, make it known. Selecting a leader to hold all the information and liaise between the group members is the first thing you should do. Leaders should email updates regarding the cruise around to all members and should be the first person to contact with any questions. If they don’t know the answer to your question, they should then find out from the cruise operator and return this information to the group. Having a leader will prevent multiple people making differing arrangements which could cause confusion not only between yourselves but with the cruise company. 

2: Travel Dates

One of the most challenging areas in organising a group cruise can be finding a date that everybody can make. People’s varying working times, jobs, children, nursery and school dates can all make things more challenging to organise. The first thing to do in order to address this is to arrange a group meeting where you can vote for the preferred dates. Alternatively if a group meeting is not feasible you may be able to do vote on preferred dates through an online tool such as Doodle which will match dates and report back which are the most preferred. Staying away from the peak summer months may also be advisable, as the prices will be high and not all members of a party will be able to afford them.

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3: Budgeting and Rates

Following on from the last point regarding money, each party member or family in your group may have an entirely different budget available to them. Therefore it is important to find a figure which everyone is comfortable in spending.  Money can be a tricky subject to raise between friends but again it’s important to hold a meeting or ask for anonymous votes regarding your budget in order to reach a sensible consensus. A holiday is not enjoyable if you’re constantly worrying about your finances and so everyone should be on the same page to strive for a good deal. As previously mentioned, most cruise liners offer vast discounts for large group bookings but never rely on this as a given.

4: Destination

Obviously the most important decision to make of them all. Finding a destination that everyone is happy with. Look at River cruises Europe brochures to find those cruises that may be a little closer to home and therefore involve less travelling time. There are also group cruises available everywhere from the Caribbean to Alaska. When thinking about destination, also take into consideration additional costs such day excursions, visas and any immunisations you may need. Always try and pick destinations that offer several ports of call so that you all get time out to adventure!

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5: Choosing The Right Cruise Operator

Without doubt you should opt for a cruise line that offers group discounts. There are plenty out there and you should use the internet to find the best deals. If you’re budget accommodates for premium travel, you may want to opt for a royal Caribbean cruise which are notorious for their glamour, however  there are equally family friendly cruise lines such as Seabourn and SilverSea which offer good family alternatives. It’s always worth looking at cruise ship reviews online and getting a feel for what other families and groups have experienced before making your decision. YouTube videos and virtual tours may also be a great way in deciding what is best for your group.

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