A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Visiting New Destinations

Solo travel

Traveling alone allows you to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things at your own pace. Yes, it may be a bit scary at first (especially if this is your first time to visit a place), but the moment you step into your dream destination, your sense of fulfillment sets in, making you want to travel more. If you are over 50 and looking to get out there, visit Fun over 50 Holidays.

As the euphoria of traveling lingers on, the list of places perfect for solo traveling gets longer, too. If you plan on going to a destination you haven’t been to, here are a few tips that can help you get through your trip:

Research on your destination

travel planning

As a solo traveler, every destination counts. So before you embark on a trip to a new place, do an extensive research first. Even if you’re the spontaneous or impulsive type of traveler, a little research about your travel destination won’t hurt—it actually prepares you enough for any unpleasant surprises and unforeseen events along the way.

Read articles online that can help you plan the activities for the trip and the places that you should pay a visit. It will also be helpful if you read up on laws, tourist rights, and even common tourist scams that you may encounter as you explore that place. Consider and trust your friends’ reviews and opinions as well. The information that you’ll gather will help you not just survive but also enjoy your trip.

Join travel tours

Yes, traveling all by yourself seems exciting and fun, but meeting new friends and like-minded people is great, too. Join travel tours that will give you the opportunity to meet potential life-long friends and travel buddies in the future.

And if you do meet fellow travelers who you want to get in touch with again (but you forgot to get their contact details), there are easy ways to find people online and reconnect with them. A simple search on people search websites, Google, and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will do the trick.

Travel light

Transferring from one place to another—especially when you’re hiking, walking for long periods, and crossing borders—is difficult with bulky, heavy bags clinging onto your hands and back. Pack light and smartly. If you’re going to take a lot of photos while traveling, bring just one compact camera and a versatile lens that you can easily whip out of and slip back into your bag.

travel gear

Have a flexible schedule

It’s smart to plan every single detail of your trip, but that will spoil the fun of being a solo traveler. You’ll go on this trip alone because you want to experience a new environment and enjoy every minute of it. With a hectic schedule with no allowance for rest and relaxation, you won’t be able to do that.

It’s best to plan just two to three nights of your stay and leave the rest of your schedule to spontaneity. Who knows, you might run into activities that you’ve missed as you’re making your itinerary. With a flexible travel schedule, you can do everything you want without having to be always in a hurry and gasping for breath.

Give yourself some free time

Give yourself time to unwind and just admire the place. You can stroll on the streets of Paris, swim in the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands with a stunning view of Singapore’s business district, or witness the gorgeous Santorini sunset. Contemplate and be thankful for another solo travel that’s one for the books.

If you have other tips or destinations that you want to recommend for solo travelers, share them in the comment box below!

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A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Visiting New Destinations A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Visiting New Destinations