The wonderful treats of just wandering off

When we travel, we often get sucked into this powerful vortex taking us at a wild place from one tourist attraction to another. We have a plan, we need to stick to it if we want to see everything that’s beautiful in a certain location. We are dedicated tourists with a plan in our mind, a map in our hands and determination in our hearts.

But an important part of experiencing any place is allowing it time to surround us, take us over and introduce us to its spirit. To do so, we need to slow down, put the map away and just go where our intuition takes us. Stop for a coffee on a terrace, talk to the people we meet, look around, observe and just get lost in all the marvelous details surrounding us. Colors, scents, the light, the way people act or walk, they all differ from one place to another.

Besides, you can always discover little treasures! A passionate kiss of two dark statues…


….a secluded, small beach where the locals know more than yourself about the football players in your country…

Gemiler Beach, Oludeniz

…a nice little park with a miniature lake at a time when the clouds are impressive…

Park in Amsterdam

No one would ever want to miss out on such treasures, especially when they’re not even really hidden, just there, in plain sight, waiting for you to take the time and ask the right questions. So make sure you plan a day or two for strolling aimlessly at your preferred destination. It’s always rewarding!