Boeing Announces Delivery of 7,500th 737 Aircraft

Boeing 737 is a very well known aircraft model, and the company today celebrates the delivery of the 7,500th of the world’s most popular airplane. The 7,500th aircraft of the 737 model was delivered to Malaysia-based Malindo Air after completion. The company mentioned the important role the supply chain has in the production of the 737.

An interesting fact regarding this airplane model is that the newest generation has around 400,000 parts per aircraft that are built by more than 325 suppliers in 30 countries. Among the supplying countries are the United States, Canada, China, France and South Korea, and in the U.S. there suppliers to the 737 program in 41 states and Puerto Rico.

“Boeing’s suppliers around the world are valued partners to the 737 program,” said Kent Fisher, Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president and general manager of Supplier Management. “The success of the 737 shows what is possible when we partner with the world’s best aerospace companies. Our long-term competitiveness in the marketplace depends on a continued focus on quality, reliability and affordability.”   

99.7% of flights are ready to depart within 15 minutes of schedule, thus conferring the Next-Generation 737 a really important record of reliability. The company projected global demand for 23,240 single-aisle airplanes valued at USD 2 trillion for the next 20 years, for which Boeing plans to increase the production from 38 to 42 airplanes per month in the first half of 2014.


Another interesting fact is that over 2,000 737 airplanes are in the air at any given time, and a 737 takes off or lands every two seconds. The 737 family is the best-selling commercial jet in history, and starting with deliveries in 2017 Boeing will launch the 737 MAX that has accumulated already over 1,100 orders from 16 customers worldwide.

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