6 DUIs You Didn’t Know You Could Get on Vacation

DUI convictions carry with them severe penalties that include the loss of a license, jail time, community service, stiff fines, and drug treatment programs. Most people think that a DUI arrest can only happen behind the wheel of a car. However, it’s possible to face a citation when operating other recreational vehicles such as a boat, ATV, snowmobile, bicycle, and even a horse. 

Each year, many DUI cases are reported during the popular seasonal months. While some of these cases are less serious, others can result in critical accidents involving sporting vehicles. DUIs or DWIs with recreational and sporting vehicles can also carry hefty fines. As DWI lawyers in NJ could tell you, fines like the Victim Compensation Fund and Safe Neighborhood Fund really add up if there is an injury involved. 

Riding ATV on Slick Rock


The same exact laws that apply to motorized vehicles typically apply to sports utility vehicles such as an ATV. There are a large number of people who enjoy riding terrain on an ATV. However, if you‘ve been drinking, you can find yourself victim to a DUI conviction. Most states recognize the use of an ATV as a propelled vehicle and users need to abide by the same alcohol related laws as car drivers. 


Boaters that are intoxicated while operating their vessel can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if convicted. Driving a boat while intoxicated is extremely dangerous. Intoxication hinders the ability to see swimmers or other boats in the water. This could lead to serious injuries and even death. BUIs (Boating Under the Influence) contribute to a large number of accidents and fatalities every year, especially during the high tourist seasons. A series of tests will determine the sobriety of the driver and includes Breathalyzer, reciting the alphabet, an eye to finger movement test, and clapping. 

Boats in Dun Laoghaire harbour

Horseback Riding

You may think this one sounds funny, but you can get a citation for DUI when horseback riding. If you cause an accident or involve yourself in the harm of others or destruction of property while intoxicated, you can get arrested and charged with the crime. 

Horseback riding


Whether you’re taking your plane out for an afternoon excursion or piloting to your next destination, drinking behind the helm of a plane is a serious violation that can lead to an arrest and jail time. An alcohol level of 0.04 percent or more is a law breaker and people who violate this can find themselves facing stiff penalties such as the loss of their pilot’s license and exorbitant fines. 



You may choose to find a designated driver when going out for a night on the town, but you may not think about it when hitting the trail on your bicycle. Bike riding is considered a propelled machine and people that abuse alcohol when riding their bikes will face just as serious of a penalty as if they were behind the wheel of a car or truck. 

Pacific Coast Bike Tour Day 10


There are an ever growing number of DUI related snowmobiles deaths each year and penalties in place have become extremely strict. States such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota have mandatory laws in place making it illegal to drink and operate a snowmobile. Violators will be prosecuted and could face jail time, and the loss of their driver’s license. 

DUI penalties are no longer restricted to cars, trucks and vans. Laws are in place to protect the public and punish anyone that operates a propelled machine such as a car, plane, ATV, boat, bicycle and snowmobile.

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Savannah Bobo is an English graduate, freelance writer, and recreational vehicle enthusiast. Boats, ATVs, and jet-skis enhance the enjoyment of any vacation, but should be handled with care and responsibility. Levow and Associates, DWI lawyers in NJ, warn that everyone needs to treat all types of DUI scenarios seriously and refrain from operating any mode of transportation without the appropriate license.

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