The Best Summer Family Holiday Destinations in 2011

The Best Summer Family Holiday Destinations in 2011

The annual family holiday is the highlight of the year for many people from all different walks of life. Everybody enjoys the chance to forget about their daily cares for a while and jet off to foreign shores to enjoy the sun. Choosing a destination can be tricky however, especially if you are fairly new to travel or if you aren’t terribly keen on flying.

Those who prefer short flights and who are looking to go on holiday somewhere fairly close to home should consider Spain and Portugal, both of which are around a 2 to 3 hours flight from most UK airports.Portugal’s resorts tend to be less crowded than those of Spain and its Algarve Coast is the ideal place to unwind and play golf, while Spain offers a wider range of choice, with everything from peaceful isolated villas on remote coastlines to manic 18-30 style holidays available, along with everything in between.

The Costa del Sol in Andalusia in southern Spain and the Costa Brava in Catalonia in the north-east are amongst the most popular regions on the mainland while the Canary and Balearic Islands continue to attract millions of visitors every year.

The Best Summer Family Holiday Destinations in 2011

Greece, Cyprus and Turkey are excellent choices for those who don’t mind travelling a little further afield. The Greek islands are extremely popular and, like Spain, offer something for everyone due to the sheer variety of on offer.

Crete is a good all-round choice for a family holiday with the right combination of beaches, entertainment and activity to keep everyone happy. The island also has some excellent historic ruins to explore and numerous picturesque seaside villages to enjoy.

Cyprus too offers rich history alongside some of the best beaches in Europe and stunning golf courses. Touches of Turkish and Middle Eastern culture permeate everyday life in Cyprus, making it an exotic place to visit.

Turkey, meanwhile, attracts nearly 30 million visitors every year, a figure that has been rising in recent years. The resorts along the Aegean and Mediterranean costs are amongst the finest in the world while the country is also rich in culture and history, with the decaying splendour of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires in abundance everywhere you go.

Further afield still, the USA and the Caribbean are perhaps the top family holiday spots in the Americas. Like the nations around the Mediterranean, the various islands of the Caribbean offer an overwhelming amount of choice, making it easy to find the right holiday for you. Jamaica is the place to go for the best beaches and all manner of activities while Aruba is bit slower paced but no less beautiful.

The Best Summer Family Holiday Destinations in 2011

Florida, meanwhile, is perhaps the ultimate family holiday destination. It takes the best part of 7 — 9 hours to fly there from the UK but visitors will be rewarded with theme parks galore in the form of Disneyworld and Universal Studios, amazing beaches along the state’s Gulf Coast and amazing shopping. Those used to limiting their spending to cheap holidays may have to push their budgets upwards a bit but the end result will be well worth it.

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