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Quick Travel Guide: Things to Do in Valencia, Spain for First Time Visitors

20 April 2017 City of Arts and science Valencia and Spain in general have always fascinated me and the idea of exploring the third largest city in the country gets my travel itch going. Valencia has everything you’d ... read more

Top Cities to Visit in Spain

27 January 2014 Spain is an alluring European travel destination, but while it seems small compared to say… the US or Australia or China, it’s full of marvels just waiting to be discovered. ... read more

Top 10 Things to Do in Majorca, Spain

11 July 2013 Top 10 Things to Do in Majorca, Spain Majorca or Mallorca, whatever you choose to call it, the Spanish destination should make it on all the hot summer destinations lists. It’s easy to access, it’s a Mediterranean island, ... read more

Explore the essence of Spain’s towns and villages

3 July 2013 Explore the essence of Spain's towns and villages Spain is a country which is hard to define as a whole. Its 17 regions are bursting with cuisine, culture and people unique to those areas, with places from northern ... read more

Top 10 Things to Do in Malaga

26 June 2013 The beautiful beaches of Spain’s Costa Del Sol may be what attracts flocks of tourists to nearby Malaga every summer, but the holiday hotspot has far more to it than ... read more

A Pilgrim in Search of Tapas

22 April 2013 A Pilgrim in Search of Tapas If you were to say to a Spaniard abroad that you were thinking of a trip to Spain in order to sample the country’s best tapas, those little side dishes ... read more

See Barcelona Like a Local: Do As They Do in Rome

26 November 2012 Woody Allen, a filmmaker known for his love letters to New York City, has been on a Lonely Planet style tour of Europe’s greatest cities. He’s set his recent films ... read more