Antigua: exotic views, star spotting, and luxury travel

Antigua might not be the first to pop in your mind when you think of Caribbean destinations, but it’s definitely an island you should consider. Be it for luxury, sandy beaches, water sports, the great outdoors or just spotting your favorite celebrities, this is where you should be heading.


It may not encompass more than 281 square kilometers, but there are 87 kilometers of coastline, plenty to see and those worldwide renowned residents that a lot of us would like to know vacation in the same spot as us.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, Shirley Heights, Devils Bridge, Hawksbii Beach, Dickenson Bay, Half Moon Bay, or Valley Church Beach are among the most sought out tourist hot spots on the island. If you want a more urban setting, the capital, St John’s, might be more to your liking. Be warned though, only 31,000 people live here. Of course, if yachting and sailing are your passions, then you already have Antigua as one of your destinations of interest.


True to its Caribbean nature, the island is well known for luxury holidays, Antigua offering the highest level of service you would dream to indulge in. That is probably why, aside from its exotic allure,  Antigua entices so many famous people to spend time here: Eric Clapton, Oprah Winfrey, Silvio Berlusconi, Richard Branson, Giorgio Armani, are but a few of the island’s current notable residents.

Antigua thrives on luxury. As the island’s economy relies mostly on tourism, they strive to perfect their offering and become an icon as the Caribbean’s top luxury destination. I’d say it’s succeeding at achieving that goal.

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