What to Do After a DUI Crash in St. Louis?


Facing a car crash is a painful and terrifying experience. The suffering increases manifold when you are a victim of a car accident caused by a drunk driver. And if you are in St. Louis, the chances of you facing a DUI crash are higher because the city is infamous for street accidents of all kinds.

In November 2023, FirstAlert4.com reported on Dustin Gilliland, a 44-year-old man from St. Louis, who was charged with aggravated DUI and reckless homicide. He was guilty of these charges because of a car crash, where Gregory Kuehnel Jr, a teen, lost his life. Previously, he was accused of harming Alivia Miller in a crash.

Based on the court documents, Gilliland had been under the influence of alcohol when his Ford Bronco collided with a Dodge Charger at the intersection of Illinois 143 and Illinois 3. Miller and Kuehnel were the passengers on the Charger. The documents reveal that his license was suspended in Missouri because of the crash.

If you face a DUI crash, you need to get medical aid and then seek legal assistance. In this article, we will shed light on what to do when you have faced a DUI accident and how to get compensation to cover your losses.

Stay at the Accident Scene

Even though it is challenging to maintain your composure, that’s what you need to do first, after you face a DUI crash. Most St. Louis personal injury lawyers will suggest that you remain calm and grounded to assess the situation correctly. Ensure that you don’t move from the accident scene until there is a safety risk. Once you have received medical help from the first responders, you need to call the police for further assistance.

It is necessary to know that the majority of auto insurance companies will prefer you to connect with the police. This is because they might deny your compensation claim if there is no official report.

Click Photographs as Evidence

You need to click on videos and images of the accident scene, which can point toward any definite factor that might have caused the crash. You can submit them to your lawyer to use as proof to establish the drunk driver’s fault and negligence that caused the crash. The images can include:

  • The layout of the St. Louis highway and intersection.
  • Weather conditions.
  • The type of traffic signals on the streets.
  • Any object that might have affected the drunk driver’s visibility.
  • Any external factors that led to the crash, such as ongoing construction work.

You can also include images of injuries that you’ve faced and place them as a claim against the at-fault driver. A before-and-after accident image of you helps your lawyer develop a solid case to obtain fair compensation. Furthermore, these images will also enable the accident reconstruction team to demonstrate how the crash occurred.

Save Copies of Repair and Medical Expenses and Lost Wages

When you are the victim of a DUI car crash, you can face ample damages, from getting severely bruised to being unable to work. TorHoerman Law states that to explain economic damages, your lawyer should collect medical receipts and invoices to validate your lost wages, car damages, and medical care.

The crash victims forget that items such as orthopedic devices, medical supplies, conveyance costs for doctor’s appointments, and medical supplies can be compensated. It is a smart idea to note down every detail of your treatment costs as and when you incur them. All these will help the court arrive at a settlement payout based on your degree of physical harm, car damage, and individual suffering.

Be a Part of Legal Hearings and Trials for the Drunk Driver

You need to offer testimony and evidence at trials, hearings, and any other proceedings where the drunk driver encounters prosecution. That means you have to be present at the criminal and traffic court where the drunk driver has criminal charges, such as negligent homicide, in certain cases.

There is no need for the defendant to be guilty in criminal court for you to receive compensation via a personal injury claim. However, it can help to prove their negligence. Hence, try to be present at the proceedings when you can.


In conclusion, DUI crashes in St. Louis can be life-threatening, considering the high rate of road accidents. Thankfully, the city has its share of expert lawyers who can guide you well in navigating the legal scene and obtaining your compensation. If you ever face a DUI car accident in this city, despite maintaining all caution, resort to the steps mentioned above to manage the situation.