European Heritage Open Days: Visiting Northern Ireland For Free

If over the next few days you are going to set yourself on a holiday through Northern Ireland, you have chosen the right time! Once a year and all over Europe, the Council of Europe and the European Commission join forces to bring visitors and travelers the chance to explore an array of historic buildings, monuments and sites usually closed to the public eye under the motto of a common heritage and the best part is, it is absolutely admission-free.


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Around Northern Ireland, many properties will be made accessible during the upcoming weekend of 10-11 September and booking a car hire in advance guarantees you the best transportation while exploring the sites of your choice. This is the perfect opportunity to know more about Ireland’s heritage, while leaving the wallet alone and refining your knowledge.

From over 300 properties, the list includes experiences such as operating signalling equipment and send Morse-coded messages at the Headhuntes Railway Museum, in Enniskillen, visiting St Columb’s Cathedral, considered to be the oldest building in the walled city of Londonderry, venturing on a walking tour of Torrent Valley, not to mention many other interesting buildings in major cities. For children and families, there will also be organised such events as the Architectural Treasure Hunt around Belfast.


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The scope is almost endless, ranging from town houses to churches, castles, providing each visitor with a selection of memorable events, activities and tours intended on celebrating local heritage and culture.

If you want to get in touch with the roots of the place you live in or are simply a traveller on the road to peculiar opportunities, then grab this unique chance to uncover Northern Ireland’s most hidden and curious gems while also bettering the sense of community that this sort of event rises, bringing places and people together. Take a look at the European Heritage Days official page, where you can get all the necessary information concerning the available sites, opening hours, updates and the best historic treasures not to miss!

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