Using Coupons to Create Your Dream Vacation

If you are already familiar with coupons and use them regularly; you know what kind of magic coupons can do for your budget. Coupons can help make purchases fit into a very small budget and stretch your dollars. Coupons can do the same when you are planning a vacation. Here are five great ways to use coupons to save on your dream vacation.

1. Airfare

Discount travel websites like Expedia or Travelocity are a great place to start looking for affordable airfare. Try visiting several of these sites and signing up for their e-mail lists. Expedia also offers a free rewards program that will allow you to earn points from your purchases. You will begin to receive special offers and coupons that can help you save on airfare for your vacation as well rental cars and hotels.

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You can also inquire with an individual airline if that is how you are purchasing your ticket. An airline’s website might be advertising a deal, or you might score a discount simply by asking an airline representative if any are available.

2. Rental Car and Hotel

Combining an airfare purchase with a rental car or a hotel reservation, or both, will often yield savings. Discount travel sites frequently offer coupon codes or discounts to customers who book more than one of these items together.

Hotels offer many types of deals and coupons. Be sure to inquire about discounts like military discounts or discounted rates for staying several nights. It never hurts to check and you might be surprised at the many types of discounts and coupons available.

3. Dining

One of the best parts about being on vacation is not having to cook. Fortunately some simple strategies can help you save on dining out while on vacation. First scope out what restaurants will be around the area you will be staying. Try searching the internet or calling your hotel and asking.

Dauin beach - El Dorado restaurant by Christian Bortes/flickr

After you find the restaurants you will want to check out their websites, if available, to see if they are offering any printable coupons or advertising any special deals like happy hour, or certain nights where kids eat free. Printable coupons you can bring along might also be available.

4. Activities

Try finding out about available local activities in much the same way you did when searching for restaurants. If you can find coupons being offered by the businesses that run the activities you are interested in it will help you get more for your money and perhaps allow you to participate in more activities and still stay on budget.

Be sure to carefully read the terms on any coupons you find and consider calling the business ahead of time to inquire about booking ahead so you do not miss out on a fun activity and also to ask if you will be able to use your coupon.


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5. Souvenirs

No dream vacation is complete without picking up some mementos to remember the great time you had; but the cost of souvenirs can add up fast.

If you are visiting a large amusement park, try checking out their website and any fliers ahead of time to see if they are offering any special deals on purchases or any printable discount coupons.

When shopping small local business, you will probably need to scan ads and read signs to find any available discounts. Be flexible and take your time shopping to find the best deals possible on souvenirs.

Staying on budget does not mean cutting out the fun. Use coupons to help make your dream vacation fit into any budget.

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