Six of the Best Truck Stops in America

Whether you drive a big rig for a living or you just enjoy taking long road trips, stopping frequently is a necessity. Getting out of the car or truck for a few minutes gives you a chance to stretch your legs, enjoy a meal and head to the bathroom. If you think that a truck stop is nothing more than a ordinary cafe on the side of the road, then you are in for a surprise. These six truck stops are incredible destinations for dining, entertainment, and more.


1. Little America

This Flagstaff, Arizona truck stop is anything but little. Set on over 500 acres of pine forest, it boasts a welcoming hotel as well as a full recreation center for drivers and travelers. Hit the gym, play a game of pool with friends, or relax in the sauna before you head to bed. Day passes are available for those who just want to feel refreshed after a long morning on the road or even eat a delicious meal before driving on through the night.

2. Iowa 80

This truck stop is known among drivers as one of the most exciting places to stop in America. It is the largest truck stop in the United States and offers far more than just a restaurant and a gas station. Along with parking spots for over 800 trucks, Iowa 80 has doctors and dentists, several bars and restaurants, hotels nearby, and even a dog wash if your pet happens to be along for the ride.

3. Alamo Plaza

If driving through Nevada gets you wishing that you were in Las Vegas, then a stop at the Alamo Plaza of Sparks, Nevada might be the perfect place for you. This large truck stop has plenty of parking, a hotel, and great food to keep you busy. Of course, the main attraction is the opportunity to play on the completely legal slot machines, blackjack tables, and keno spots.

4. Derrick Plaza Truck Stop

Although driving a rig can use up a lot of fuel, many drivers are still concerned with being environmentally friendly while on the road. If you are one of them, consider a stop at the Derrick Plaza Truck Stop. Their impressive electricity hookups mean that you can plug in your rig and enjoy heat, air conditioning or music without using up fuel. The 24-hour restaurant gets rave reviews and boasts delicious cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients.

5. Willie’s Place

For fans of Willie Nelson, there is no better truck stop than Willie’s Place in Carl’s Corner, Texas. The stop is partially owned by Nelson himself, who often stops by to perform at the theater and saloon next door. Sometimes his satellite radio show will broadcast from the truck stop and drivers can watch the live airing take place.

6. Porky’s Truck Stop

As you get within 100 miles of Porky’s Truck Stop in Hamer, South Carolina, you will begin to see road signs and billboards advertising the stop. Even if you don’t drive a truck for a living, there are several great reasons to stop by Porky’s. Along with the usual gas stations and restaurants, this truck stop boasts a golf course, observation towers, and even a reptile lagoon.

Each of these six truck stops is a great place to stretch, recharge, and refuel before hitting the road. They also boast something unique and exciting that the average truck stop does not.

About the author

Jerry Foote is an auto-lover and freelance blogger, writing on subjects ranging from long-haul trucking to air bag suspension.