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Tips For A Safe Family Road Trip Every Driver Should Know

26 January 2017 Road trip landscape From car safety to keeping the kids occupied, before any road trip, it’s important to make a checklist to make sure you’ve left no stone unturned. Once you’ve done that, ... read more

Planning your perfect road trip

21 January 2014 If you’re looking for something a little bit different for your next holiday, a road trip could be just the thing. Rather than focussing on the destination, when it comes ... read more

Thoughts and Tips from the Traveling Driver

8 April 2013 Thoughts and Tips from the Traveling Driver Traveling and driving for thousands of kilometers have gone hand in hand for me for quite a while now. It all started with a New Year’s trip to Istanbul back ... read more

Moscow Is the World’s Most Congested City, Says TomTom

4 April 2013 Moscow Is the World's Most Congested City, Says TomTom Moscow was the most congested  city in 2012 according to TomTom’s recently released Annual Congestion Index. The 2012 Congestion Index report compares congestion levels in 2012 versus 2011 in 161 ... read more

5 Roads You Must Drive Along Before You Die

1 August 2012 5 Roads You Must Drive Along Before You Die Life can be full of mediocre things, but driving shouldn’t be one of them — after all, nothing compares to the feeling of cruising down a freeway or catching spectacular ... read more

Travel Tips from Professional Truckers

19 June 2012 Every day, millions of drivers across the United States use highway systems for travel. While most people are good drivers, they may not understand some of the secret driving tips ... read more

What is an International Driving Permit and Who Needs One?

14 June 2012 Some people use the words “traveler” and “tourist” interchangeably, while others argue there is a difference. Tourists, these people claim, are sort of like spectators. They enjoy visiting new places ... read more