Americans Will Cut Costs But Not Give up on Travel this Summer

In spite of raising gas prices, more and more Americans are planning on travelling this summer. According to the most recent American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, 8% more Americans plan to travel this summer compared to 2010. The average prices they are willing to play on their summer vacations are of $300 per person for a weekend or three-day gateway and about $1,200 per person person for longer trips.

“Staycations, popularized during the recession, are falling to the wayside as consumers go beachside instead,” said Claire Bennett, senior vice president and general manager of American Express Travel. “Most Americans will be enjoying their summer away from home this year with many planning multiple vacations. This is terrific news for the travel industry.”

This year’s American Express Spending & Saving Tracker analyses consumers’ spending and saving as related to traveling on a random sample of 2,025 US travelers over 18.

While Americans will still travel this summer, they are aware of financial circumstances and are willing to make sacrifices in order to cut costs and make sure they enjoy an affordable trip. 8 out of 10 travelers have their own strategy in place to spend less. Some will drive instead of flying to their destinations, while other will pick less expensive places to vacation.

US travelers are planning to save for their trips bu cutting their spending on dining out, clothing, home improvements, entertainment and outings, spas, salons and other luxury services, as well as gadget or tech purchases.

The tracker also shows family vacations are making a comeback this summer, as 70% of the travelers are planing their vacations together with their loved ones, a 25% increase compared to 2010. 64% of those planing their trips with their family will go on one or two week-long trips, while the average for this summer is of two week-long.

Weekend getaways lead in travel preferences, with 68% of respondents opting for them, compared to 63% who plan for week-long trips. Another interesting trend revealed by the tracker is that “man”cations and girlfriend escapades are trending travel options this year.

The top attractions that influence travel planning are getting good deals on transportation and/or accommodation, spending the holiday near friends or loved ones, benefiting from a wide range of activities to choose from, being able to visit a lake or a beach during the getaway or attending reunions.

The most popular local US destinations this year are Florida, California, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Nevada, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois and Massachusetts. Those who prefer traveling above rated the following destinations as the most popular: Bahamas, Canada, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Mexico, India and Japan.

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