Travellers You Must Follow on Instagram

Travellers You Must Follow on Instagram

Mark Twain had rightly said that broad and wholesome views cannot be obtained by staying in just one corner of the world.

This quote on travel precisely describes the importance of travel in an individual’s life. Some travel for work, some for leisure but there are a few who travel because it’s their passion. In the age of social media where everyone knows everything about one another a few kind wandering souls share anecdotes of their travels and help the other not so lucky one’s go on a mini vacay with the help of their pictures and stories. Instagram being like the most popular photo sharing app there is has some of the best traveller accounts which make us wish we were there. Here are 7 insta travellers that you need to follow:

1. ExpertVagabond

Matt, better known as ExpertVagabond is one of the best travellers you’ll come across on Instagram. His bio reads: Adventure traveller exploring our beautiful world for the past 7 years.

Currently: Ireland

This guy’s account is filled with pictures of is travels from all around the globe, a self- confessed nomad he’s currently exploring Ireland. His feed includes pictures of Tofino to Morocco! With more than 140 thousand followers he’s one of the travellers you need to look out for.

2. Loic8ol

This Frenchman has extraordinary photography skills and works magic with his camera in every capture. Loic Lagarde is originally from the ultimate holiday destination: Paris. He enjoys globe- trotting and was last seen in uh Budapest? His creative photography and the mesmerizing locales in them make his insta account worth following. He is currently 112K followers strong another one wouldn’t hurt now, would it?

Travellers You Must Follow on Instagram3. Gypsea_lust

Lauren Bullen’s Instagram account makes us get “wander-fully” lost (as she rightly states) in her account. All her posts make you wish you were there with her. Now she’s in Paris and her recent posts include her chilling on the beaches of Samoa. Her feed has her enjoying herself in various exotic locations as well as breath taking pictures of the places that make you feel like you’re there (or at least hope to be). With 1.96 million followers she has one of the hottest insta travel accounts!

4. LesleyanneMurphy

Lesley is one of the most adventurous travellers on insta and puts a new perspective on all the beautiful destinations. Her bio reads “Living out of an overweight suitcase 24/7/365”. What better way to describe an avid traveller! She has 229 thousand followers and her last post is at her besties wedding. She also promotes breast cancer awareness along with her travel escapades and has been all around the world. Following her account would give you not only an amazing photo traveling experience but also help you see the world through her eyes!

5. Do you travel

Well you must be familiar with the term relationship goals, that’s what Jack Morris and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen (gypsea_lust) are! Both are currently vacationing in Paris. His feed includes picturesque locales of Samoa, New Orleans, Bali, Barcelona, Oia and many more. 2.75 million follow this guy who claims to be “Livin on the road”. His posts have a laid- back chill vibe which sends the viewers into vacation mode. Follow this guy for the ultimate travel experience!

6. Muradosmann

Murad and his wife Nataly are avid travellers and not many know that they originally created the iconic hand- holding pose many couples recreate while travelling. Hailing from Moscow this couple doesn’t only travel to exotic destinations but is also always dressed in the best local fashion which make their travel stories iconic. He has 4.64 million followers and is an executive producer, MP at His feed mostly includes him and Nataly in the hand- holding pose at various destinations (even underwater).

7. Beautiful destinations

Not a traveller account per se but has a series of incredible photos of places shared by travellers all around the world and is like a common platform for travel enthusiasts everywhere. This travel account has 9.77 million followers with travellers sharing pictures of destinations such as Prague in Czech Republic to Melbourne in Australia.

So, these are some of the travellers that have chosen to not rot in a corner of the world but travel and explore as much as possible of God’s wonderful creation. If you’re a travel enthusiast then they will inspire you to pack your bags catch the next flight and explore!