Traveling Alone Can Better Your Networking Skills


When you travel alone, you don’t rely on people you know, you try to find your own way and sometimes take the help of locals. When you don’t have someone else you can poke to go ask directions or something, the task falls on you.

This gives you an opportunity to get out of your shell and network. Networking is nothing but communicating with people and connecting with the ones you resonate with.

Communication is expressing your feelings, desires, thoughts and opinions in a manner that makes the other person clear about what is actually going on in your head.  Networking is an essential tool to build relationships and sustain them. 

It is important to speak your mind without upsetting the other person. It is important to have a nonjudgmental attitude. It is important to realize your important contacts under emergency situations. It is important to form mutually beneficial relationships. It is important to express-express correctly.  

The number on your mark sheets won’t decide your future or the life you live but the kind of people you know will.

Most ministers did not become important members of the government because they knew which wars the French fought or which formula is used to find the area of a cylinder. They reached to the people through their speeches. They spoke to the people in a way that brought them closer to their hearts. They appealed to their problems and empathized with them.

Empathy is what is required for humans to live in harmony. In this world full of darkness and crime, students and children should be taught how to express concern in the most comforting manner. 

Traveling teaches you this skill more than anything. One of the main reasons that people take up solo trips is to learn about different cultures. You do that by talking to people who are familiar with things you are not.

Going on trips gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizon. You do not have to always ask others to go talk to strangers, you will be able to do that on your own. You will learn stories, lessons, and gain experiences that you wouldn’t if you didn’t step out of your comfort zone.

One of the things I learnt was to say what I wanted to say, not what people wanted to hear. Speaking your mind out is really important to develop an understanding bond. This helps you in the long run because then you won’t be stuck doing what you don’t want to, and your mind won’t be filled with what-ifs.

While communicating is necessary, communicating correctly is as important. There are many things that we get wrong because of being nervous while speaking. As you meet new people and keep talking to them, your nervousness starts to fade off and you start becoming more confident in approaching new people.

When you listen to the views of others and discuss yours, you learn more than you ever could through a book. Traveling gives you a lot of opportunities to learn new skills, this is the one that most people struggle with and you – as a traveler – get a perfect opportunity to hone your communication and networking skills. Take advantage of it!