Cruising Solo: How to Travel After Divorce

It can be incredibly difficult getting back on your feet after a divorce, especially if the split wasn’t your idea. It’s not uncommon for women to have feelings of worthlessness, depression and even anxiety following the ending of a marriage. Our Orlando divorce attorney wants you to remember that the first thing to do is to understand that you are still the same valuable person that you were when you were married, and the second thing to do is to get out there and enjoy your new life.

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One of the best ways to kick start your new life is to take a singles’ cruise. These cruises are packed stem to stern with like-minded people, all out to have a great time. Holland America has some of the best singles’ cruises in the industry that are sure to delight even the most wary traveler. Here are some ways to find the new you once you’ve stepped aboard:

1. Mixer for Singles

While almost every ship has a welcome night to kick off the cruise, Holland America offers a singles’ mixer that is guaranteed to get your holiday started in just the right way. Treat the singles mixer for what it is: a chance to get to know your cruise mates. If you have a tendency to be a wallflower, set a goal for yourself. For instance, make it your goal to meet at least five people during the mixer. Working towards your goal can take your mind off the fact that you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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2. Take a Class

When you were going through your divorce, your therapist may have suggested that you learn a new skill in order to support yourself. What better way to start learning new skills than to take a class? While you may not learn the skills to open your own business, you may just learn how to cook a new dish, dance a new dance or create a piece of art. While they may have been talking about supporting yourself financially, who says that you can’t support yourself emotionally?


3. Go Clubbing

There’s no better way to let your hair down than to spend a night in a fantastic club. Even if dancing isn’t your forte, clubs are a great place to meet new people. Put your best dress on, strap on your heels and head to one of the many hot spots aboard your ship. You’ll soon find yourself carried away by the beat of the music and the moves of your fellow passengers.


4. Take an Excursion

Find out what shore excursions are being offered and pick a few that interest you. You may find yourself snorkeling with amazing sea life, exploring local villages or bungee jumping off of an amazing bridge. The best part of small shore excursions is that you’ll be surrounded by people who have the same interests as you do. These excursions can be a great ice-breaker for those people who are more introverted.

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce, chances are that you’ve spent more time than you’d like with paperwork and court proceedings. It’s time to let your hair down and find yourself again. There’s no better way to accomplish this than aboard a singles’ cruise. If you follow the advice above, you’re sure to return home feeling like the absolute best version of yourself.

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Molly Henshaw is a freelance travel writer living in the DC metro area. She also contributes writing for the divorce team at One of the most healing things to do after divorce is to get away and experience life outside the situation through travel!

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