Tourism to play key role in Britain’s economic recovery

Tourism is one of the key segments in British official plans to recover from the economic crises that still impacts the world. The British government announced their plans to revive tourism earlier today, putting their (future) earnings on an attempt to prove wrong a long lasting myth claiming Britain is a wet, cloudy country that also offers poor value for international tourists.

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In order to boost tourism, the government plans to make traveling to the UK much more easier by reducing the time and paperwork required to obtain a visa, cutting time wastes at passport controls and increasing the speed of airport check-ins.

“You can do most things in Britain for 11 to 12 months of the year. Our weather is substantially better than many people think,” tourism minister John Penrose said at the launch of its tourism policy. “The government sees it (tourism) as a key element in our plans to grow the economy and get Britain back on its feet.”

Of course, they plan to milk as much as they can big events that urge foreign tourists to travel to Britain immediately. The Prince William – Kate Middleton royal wedding in April now has an official website and another governmental page helping, restaurants, pubs and other venues throughout the country with information on how to organize special events on that very day. Another big moment for Britain will be the 2012 Olympics.

At this moment, tourism is on the fifth place in the big industries top and it’s worth about 90 billion pounds. By boosting its travel attractiveness and making visa applications fast and easy and streamlining the online process, Britain plans to triple the number of visitors from countries that require visas by the end of next year.
In the mean time, here’s something to help you decide to visit London, and soon 🙂 Enjoy!

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