Top 5 Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal, officially known as Portuguesa or the Portuguese Republic, is a South-West European country situated along the Atlantic coast off the Iberian Peninsula. It is a beautiful amalgamation of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean culture and geography. While Portugal shares its maritime border with Morocco, it is only bordered by Spain to the north and the east. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. It is considered one of the oldest cities globally and the second oldest city in Europe, after Athens.

Portugal makes for an exciting visit, with its serene landscapes and valuable history. One can go to the beautiful vineyards on a wine tasting tour, explore the hidden cave beaches, go surfing, and explore the rich historical sights.

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Top 5 places to visit in Portugal:

1. Algarve

2. Livraria Bertrand

3. Porto

4. Cape St. Vincent

5. Peneda- Geres National Park


Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region. This quintessential beach town has around 150 glittering beaches. The serene beaches with rock cliffs and caves are incredibly photogenic. Algarve enjoys relative obscurity compared to some other Mediterranean coastal cities while bustling with sizzling nightlife and some up and coming resorts. The seaside town has a fair share of large waves, making it an instant attraction for surfers, and the shining golden sun makes it a sweet spot for the sunbathers. Exploring the hidden caves is the highlight of your visit to Algarve.

Livraria Bertrand

The Bertrand Bookshop is a 285-year-old store located in Lisbon. This place bustles with intellectual conversations and riveting cultural discussions. The store opened in the year 1732, making it the oldest operating bookstore in history. The Livraria Bertrand has been a regular favorite of prominent Portuguese writers and intellectuals across generations and ages. It is a must-visit place to satisfy the bibliophile in you!


The picturesque Old Town by the Douro river, with six bridges in Porto city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stunning Beaux-Arts and Baroque churches, palaces, and buildings are an intriguing visit. Porto city is famously known for its Port wine production and the hip and new restaurant culture.

Cape St. Vincent

This spot claims to be the southernmost spot of mainland Europe. In the Middle Ages, it was considered the land where the world ended. Henry the Navigator is said to have lived here. The spot is believed to have played a significant role in discovering “New Worlds” in the 15th century. The sunsets at Cape St Vincent are enticing over the endless sea.

Peneda- Geres National Park

With a vast range of flora and fauna and enthralling adventure activities, The Peneda- Geres National Park is a popular tourist destination. From hiking to spotting golden eagles, red kites, and the roe deer and, some wild ponies, the national park is ideal for nature lovers and bird watchers.