The Ultimate European Honeymoon Destinations

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Romance, excitement and adventure are at the heart of every honeymoon. Your honeymoon is probably going to be the most special trip you ever take, so chances are you’re not having the easiest time choosing one location to travel to. Europe is one of the most sought-out places in the world for honeymooners. If you’re considering travelling to this historic part of the world for your honeymoon, I’m here to help you comb through the most popular and unique destinations for this special occasion.

My name is Jessica. I’m a designer at world-renowned fashion retailer, JJ’s House. I specialize in all things wedding and I’m here to help you choose the perfect European destination for your honeymoon. From the vineyards of Italy to the majestic Greek landscape to the solitude of Greece and the cozy streets of Germany, there’s sure to be a destination on my list that will suit every newlywed couple.


Paris isn’t the only place in France that’s perfect for a honeymoon, though it did make my list.

Paris is synonymous with romance. It’s known as the City of Lights. It features cobbled streets, cozy cafés and endless things for lovers to do.

Nice is a city set on the French Riviera. It features pebble beaches, swanky casinos and lavish hotels. This city is ideal for couples who are looking for an upscale getaway with lots of pampering.

Cannes is a sophisticated, artsy and picturesque city set along the French Riviera. It offers a trove of enchanting beaches and is ideal for free-spirited lovers of art and culture.


Tuscany consists of charming towns, leafy vineyards and cypress trees. It’s a quaint and serene destination where you can enjoy plenty of wine and homemade pasta dishes.

Venice is known as the City of Water. There’s nothing more romantic than touring its narrow waterways on a romantic gondola ride. Enjoy the Grand Canal and plenty of other enchanting scenery with your lover.

Sicily is a vibrant Italian island best known for its fresh and famous Italian food and top-notch wine. If you’re a couple of foodies looking for a quiet getaway, this is the destination for you.


Cologne is a city located on the Rhine River. It’s packed with historical sites, including parts of the ancient Roman wall and aqueduct and the Gothic Cologne Cathedral. Take in its avant-garde architecture and enjoy its lively nightlife.

Munich is brimming with old-school charm, neoclassical architecture, pretty parks and features nude sunbathing for more adventurous couples.

Berlin is a hip and fun city destination. Newlyweds can enjoy tandem bike rides, films under the stars, plenty of art and food, walks along the city’s famous lakes and classical music at one of its concert halls.


Corfu is a breathtaking city set on the Ionian Sea. It was also the backdrop for Shakespeare’s The Tempest and features fields full of wildflowers.

Crete has everything you need for a romantic getaway, including beaches, forests, historical sites and rich Greek food.

Athens is the capital of Greece. Along with its monumental landmarks, couples can enjoy serene green spaces and epic sunsets in this historical city.

Use my list of ultimate European honeymoon destinations to help narrow down your options and get a better idea of where you want to celebrate this most special and romantic occasion. Short-list some of your favorites and talk with your partner to make sure you settle on a place that you’re equally enthusiastic about. Bon voyage!