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A Guide to the Best Night Spots in Palm Beach, Aruba

21 June 2015 A two-mile stretch in Aruba, Palm Beach is a small strip of sandy beaches that’s world-famous for the sleek high-rise hotels, casinos, malls, nightclubs, and restaurants that call it home. ... read more

Doing London: Budget vs. Luxury

15 January 2014 London as a city is an incredibly mixed bag. One moment you could be touring the free galleries and museums, the next you could be slap-bang in the middle of ... read more

Random Things I Got Hooked on in the UK

28 May 2013 The two weeks I spent in the UK last year were extremely addictive. So much so that I started to seriously consider moving there for a while. The people I ... read more

7 Ways to Stay Occupied in an Airport

16 November 2012 Traveling abroad or within the United States is always a great experience but sometimes when you’re bound for really far-off places, you don’t have any other choice but to go ... read more

Affordable Family Vacation in Magaluf – Things to Do

6 August 2012 Affordable Family Vacation in Magaluf - Things to Do Are you planning to go on a family trip with your dear ones and friends? Do you have a limited budget? There is nothing to worry about. You can still ... read more

Brazil: Exotic and Exciting

3 July 2011 Brazil is home to beautiful people, exotic culture, and the unique and unusual. There are many thrilling destinations with captivating attractions in Brazil; however, Rio de Janeiro is an outstanding ... read more

A Leisure Stroll through Paris – Part II

24 June 2011 Haven’t read Part I yet? Click here! Historical sites are not the only thing Paris has to offer. Among my favorite places to visit was FNAC. FNAC is some sort ... read more