Random Things I Got Hooked on in the UK

The two weeks I spent in the UK last year were extremely addictive. So much so that I started to seriously consider moving there for a while. The people I met, the places I visited, the memories I made, everything was so intense and I was so happy I never wanted it to end. But other than finally getting to experience the London I had been mesmerized by since I was 8 and started to learn English, the lazy gliding on the waterways of Cambridge to see college buildings and students getting all dressed up for their parties, driving through Scotland and getting bitten by mosquitoes in  a gorgeous natural reserve, there were a bunch of things I got addicted to, some almost by mistake.



Here’s the story behind them and the wonderful memories they are connected with. Oh, and my friend Alexandra is mostly responsible for these!


It’s not like I discovered Oreo cookies in the UK! No, they’ve been sold in Romania for years, they’re everywhere and the commercials are running on TV stations all the time. I had tried them before, but never really understood the fuss. But one morning, while enjoying my coffee and the view of the creek that literally flows under Alex’s building, she tempted to just try an Oreo after dipping it into my morning addiction. It was a complete revelation, my taste buds were forever mesmerized and I couldn’t stop. Now I eat them like crazy, as they are or with coffee. I will never do the twist-lick-whatever thing, it seems completely bollocks to me, and at least that will never change!

Costa Coffee

Again, a brand I wasn’t unfamiliar with. I just ignored it before. Yet it became our companion on all the car rides we’ve been to. And now I crave it so badly! Not just the coffee, but the whole experience of driving around the British motorways, making our way to Scotland, while sipping from the red Costa cups.

Big Ben, London

Big Ben, London


Before last year, Relentless was a quite good British thriller/crime novel that I bought used in Oludeniz, Turkey, from a pet food and supplies store.. Sounds weird? Yes, I know! But then, while I was looking for an energy drink to keep me sharp while driving, Alexandra redirected me from my Red Bull of choice to Relentless. I tried a few different flavors, but the classic one was just… oh, so good! I know energy drinks are not good for me, but at the time I couldn’t stop myself. So I kept drinking and drinking and I can’t wait for the day they decide to open up shop in Romania or I go to a country where I can get my hands on some more.

Shoes! Dune and Clarks…

Girls shopping means, in some cases, tons of shoes 😀 I only came back with two pairs, fortunately! But I could have done so much better. Clarks and Dune were two brands I really needed to get to know better. I had seen some cool pairs at Alex’s place in Romania so I dragged them to the respective store. Lots of love, what can I say?

Hide Park

Hide Park, wearing my Clarks sandals 😀

Cute reactions on the motorway

How would you feel if you looked to the car on your right or left and you’d see what’s supposed to be the driver flapping their hands around, holding a can of Relentless or a Costa cup, and mouthing the lyrics of some song you couldn’t hear? You’d be scared right? Well, I made a lot of people skip a beat or more. Simply because I was just the passenger and the wheel was on the other side, firmly held by Alex 😀 However, seeing people make those big, scared eyes and then figuring out what was going on became quite a fun addiction!

Men in Kilts!

This was the only addiction that only got more severe. I always loved men in kilts, ever since Highlander, the series, started being broadcast in Romania and I decided I’d marry Duncan MacLeod! Still, I got a T-shirt that professes my love as a statement of my growing addiction!

What things have you gotten addicted to while traveling?