Affordable Family Vacation in Magaluf – Things to Do

Are you planning to go on a family trip with your dear ones and friends? Do you have a limited budget? There is nothing to worry about. You can still enjoy a pleasant and an exciting holiday with your dear ones without digging a hole in your pocket. However, there are plenty of options for a cheap holiday, but Magaluf is one of the most preferable holiday destination for those who don’t have much budget, and still want to enjoy a pleasurable vacation.

Magaluf is a resort located at the off coast of Spain backed by a pool of hotels, bars and attractive tourist spots. It is one of the biggest resort in Spain developed in the Calvia district and very popular among the youth around the world because of its fabulous services. It is a perfect destination spot for those looking for cheap Magaluf holidays. 

So, now the questions arises what are the major attractions you can expect when planning a trip  to Magaluf? and What is the range and availability of Magaluf hotels? In this article we will talk about the things you can do in this ever-happening resort and what are your accommodation options.

Things to Do in Magaluf

Enjoy the sun and sand

Magaluf is basically an island full of beautiful sunny beaches. Every member of your family will be able to find some or the other activity of their interests. If you simply want to have a time out of your hectic city life, then you might feel like laying down and having a sunbath on one of the beaches. Moreover, there are many fun filled activities to do on this island. You and your children can have an unforgettable diving experience, under the supervision of world class trained divers. Water slides, theme parks, paragliding, and other water sports are major attractions for people visiting this island.

Party hard

If you are a party person, then this is the right place for you. This place is crowded with a lot of young people throughout the month of July and August. There are a lot of bars and restaurants in Magaluf, offering plenty of services 24*7, including live music bands.


Cruise weekly markets for beautiful bargains

Spending a holiday in an island does not mean you cannot shop around. You can get some out of the box deals at weekly marketplaces. For example: a weekly market in Sineu every Wednesday, provides a wide variety of local handmade products, that you would love to take back home as a remembrance.

Take in the carnivals

If you are lucky you may also get the opportunity to experience some of the unique carnivals and festival held on the island on special occasions. Make sure you consult your tour operator and get to know about the dates the festivals are held on, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Accommodation in Magaluf

Of course, you will need a place to completely enjoy your cheap Magaluf holidays. There are two kind of accommodations available in Magaluf resort. You can either rent a an apartment or stay in some of the most popular Magaluf hotels. The rates of accommodations rises during summers, so if you are looking for a cheap holiday then consider going before or after the month of July and August.


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