The Most Difficult Question: How to Move the Piano?


It is no laughing matter to move a piano, whether it is across town or overseas. A piano is a major investment and the core of enjoyment in music such that its movement from one location to another calls for careful planning, accuracy and a touch of expertise. And this is really important to know how to prepare for relocating such a big musical instrument. This guide goes into details relating to choosing specialized piano movers so as to guarantee your precious instrument arrives safely at its new destination. If you are a musician, but don’t have a piano now, also try to remember this information. As no one knows what will happen in the future, such knowledge can be useful. So, let’s start!

The Importance of Specialized Piano Movers

Pianos are not just furniture, you know. The fact that they are made up of fragile wires, hammers and keys which have been put together in a complex manner and their weight makes pianos one of the toughest objects to relocate. Specialists in this area know how to deal with these issues because they have all the necessary materials, including knowledge on how to ensure that the instrument does not break during relocation from one place to another. Please, don’t try to save money and do it yourself. You know, moving costs less than a new piano.

Different Types of Pianos: What You Should Consider While Moving Them?

  • Upright Pianos: Though upright pianos are considered smaller, they still need attention while passing through doorways or staircases.
  • Grand Pianos: These require disassembling into sections for transportation hence unique crates custom made by professionals will be helpful here.

How to Prepare Your Piano for the Move?

  • Pre-Move Tuning: It is advisable to tune your piano in advance for you to be able to know if any problem exists.
  • Secure the Keyboard: Make sure the keyboard lid is locked or tightly closed so that the keys do not get damaged.
  • Environmental Considerations: Pianos are affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Discuss with your movers their precautions against these variations in climate.

Choosing the Right Piano Movers

When choosing a moving company to move your piano, consider their experience, insurance cover as well as reviews from past clients. It is important to ensure they have moved pianos before successfully and this will give you confidence that they will handle your instrument very well.

The Moving Process: What to Expect

  • Inspection and Planning: The first thing professional movers will do is assess your piano and work out how it should be moved safely through logistics by planning the best route and means of transportation.
  • Packing and Protection: Your piano will be secured by moving experts using specialized padding and wrapping materials which will protect both its exterior surface as well as its inner parts.
  • Transportation: At professional’s hands, a piano can be taken off quite conveniently using appropriate tools like dolly, piano skids, ramps equipped with right vehicles.
  • Post-Move Adjusting: Once it is in its new position, your piano may need to be tuned again due to the minute movements that occur during transport.

Whether moving within a city or abroad, there are unique issues that come with moving pianos. Such moves require long distance relocation skills and knowledge like customs and international import regulations.

Reasons Why DIY is Not a Good Idea

Even though you may think of saving money by moving your piano yourself, the dangers outweigh the advantages. Without proper tools, experience, and manpower; one can easily hurt themselves or damage their property including the piano. These movers know how to deal with these kinds of threats and safety for everyone.

What About Cost Factors?

Piano moving costs vary depending on such factors as type of piano being moved, complexity of the move as well as distance involved. When weighed against potential repair or replacement expenses if such a delicate instrument were damaged during transit this seems a big investment thus hiring professional services is often more economical.


When it comes to moving a piano, the process is quite an art, like playing it. It encompasses planning of grandeur nature, skill, and exactness that would see the safe arrival of this instrument at its new place. Through hiring specialized piano movers, you have placed your piano on someone who knows what it’s worth and can move it safely thus ensuring that upon delivery, it will be ready for performance. In planning for any other relocation, let the safety & protection of your piano be your top concern since this guarantees music & happiness throughout its lifetime.