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Travel Photo of the Day: Living Statue, Central Park

3 July 2013 I actually did gawk at this tin man to see if he/she’d move. Of course that didn’t happen! There were several such street performers in Central Park the day I ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Student Prison, Heidelberg

28 May 2013 Naughty students attending the Heidelberg University were imprisoned to atone for their transgressions. While it started as a serious punishment, over time it became an important item to cross of ... read more

Travel Gems – Don’t forget to check out the walls!

24 January 2013 We all love the sights and the food and the shopping that comes with travel, we have to have our healthy doze (read hundreds) of photos taken in each destination. ... read more

A Leisure Stroll through Paris – Part I

23 June 2011 Known as the City of Light and the City of Love, standing out with its magnificent steel tower that marks it as a landmark, Paris has always been a tourist ... read more

US Airports Turn into Art Galleries and Museum Exhibitions

13 April 2011 If after a trip to a certain city you feel you have wasted more time in airports than in art museums paying tribute to your more creative, art loving side, ... read more

Art Museum Opened in Mexico by the Richest Man in the World

2 March 2011 Art lovers, history lovers, curious types or those who just want to see how the rich and famous have will get a kick out of a new museum opened in ... read more

UK targets wealthy tourists with luxury “fairytale” vacations

7 December 2010 Britain’s national tourism agency will soon launch a major marketing campaign targeting wealthy tourists and trying to get them to spend more on luxury holidays in castles, stately homes and ... read more