SociaLingo, New Real-Time Social Media Translation Service by ComTranslations


SociaLingoAs travel becomes more and more social, a service allowing for near-instant translation of social media messages such as the freshly released SociaLingo by ComTranslations promises to help tourism companies tremendously in better targeting their international customers. While English still is the preferred communication language for travel companies, hoteliers or bar and restaurants owners that try to attract the international crowd, it is not even close to being a safe bet if they want to grab the attention of all potential customers.

While some limit themselves to engaging tourists in their native tongue and in English,  the real-time social media translation service introduced today by ComTranslations seems like the best answer to travel and tourism companies’ multilingual marketing needs. SociaLingo supports translations in about 140 languages and the best part is that these are not automatic, engine-driven interpretations. There are human translators behind the services, allowing for greater accuracy and proper cultural adaptation of your social media marketing messages.

“With 93% of marketers using Social Media for businesses, social media tools are giving businesses and corporations an outlet to communicate with their target audience in a way that wasn’t possible before,” explained Carlos Garcia, ComTranslations CEO. “This enables instantaneous dissemination of various content. But while businesses may be actively engaging in social media, unless they are participating across a wide spectrum of languages, they are missing the boat. An estimated 50% of social media users communicate in languages other than English. This is where SociaLingo comes in, offering businesses a near real-time translation solution, available in over 140 languages.”

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are only the most popular of the social media channels supported by SociaLingo. Using the services, what a travel company marketer has to do is select his social media channels, come up with the message and choose the languages they want them translated into. The rest — translating the message and posting the localized version on social networks is carried out by a large team of native translators.

Here’s a video better explaining why and how travel industry players need to use ComTranslations’ SociaLingo: