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SociaLingo, New Real-Time Social Media Translation Service by ComTranslations

17 May 2012 SociaLingo As travel becomes more and more social, a service allowing for near-instant translation of social media messages such as the freshly released SociaLingo by ComTranslations promises to help tourism companies ... read more

WIHP Adds Localized Traveler Outreach Campaigns for Hotels, Powered by ComTranslations

7 May 2012 World Independent Hotels Promotion (WIHP), a marketing agency dedicated to the hotels and accommodation industry, has signed a recent deal with content globalization solutions provider ComTranslations to access translation services ... read more

More Stuff Geared Toward Flawless Travel

2 April 2012 You’re headed to Poland and/or Ukraine for EURO 2012. Like any trip, planned or spur of the moment, there’s always going to be something forgotten, something missed. And whatever it ... read more