Advisory against Trips to Mexico Due to Drug Cartel Violence

Advisory against Trips to Mexico Due to Drug Cartel Violence

There’s a simple rule saying that increasing violence does not help tourism. And Mexico is the latest proof of that. Due to increased violence for which local drug cartels are to blame, an advisory stating no one should travel to Mexico has just been issued in Texas.

The travel warning saying Mexico is not a safe travel destination came from Texas Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw. According to a San Antonio TV station, the advisory was issued weeks after American tourist David Hartley was believed to have been gunned down while jet skiing in Falcon lake. The lead investigator in the Hartley case was beheaded a few days after the American tourist’s death.

The drug cartels have been involved in a war in Mexico since 2006, claims James Munoz of KENS 5, leading to the death of over 22,700 people ever since it started. In the short time span from April 30 this year, there have been reports of five cases involving American tourists visiting Falcon Lake.

Of course, the security advisory against traveling to Mexico is competing with travel agencies promoting this period as the best for a trip in Mexico. Our advice is to take shiny offers with a grain of salt and put your security first. While the 5 cases with no real details on what happened might not seem impressive to you, think that 22,700 number, reflecting the people killed by the drug war since 2006!

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