Qantas Pushes the Boundaries of In-flight Entertainment

Qantas Pushes the Boundaries of In-flight Entertainment

When it comes to long-haul air travelling, in-flight entertainment is something passengers do think about. Killing a few hours watching a movie or documentary is certainly a plus, but are airlines starting a new trend in entertainment to keep their passengers happy? Do they need to push the boundaries of what’s commonly accepted as good pastime during the flight to gain a competitive advantage?

Australian airline Qantas does seem to think that going a bit on the edge with the movies it air during their flights is a risk worth taking. That is why they have decided to air a movie that promises to reveal the mystery of female sexual pleasure through their Video on Demand program for long-haul aircraft. The company’s channel “The Edge” is thus airing the French movie “The Female Orgasm Explained.”

The whole “The Edge” channel is designed to air programs that are out of the ordinary, but Is the 50 minute movie featuring naked scenes that they have put in the spotlight a bit too much? Apparently, it fits with Qantas standards for selecting programs to include in their long-haul programs:

“In general programs are selected according to quality of content, box office/ratings, topicality and Qantas customer demographics,” Qantas said in a statement. The next step is to have the programs screened by their program team before licensing.

Qantas Pushes the Boundaries of In-flight Entertainment

With such an explicit movie come certain audience restrictions: the crew can block certain types of content for the seats of minors and at the request of their parents. But is that enough to make this sex education movie a success?

Catriona Eider, an associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Sydney University, thinks it can go either way. On one hand, this is not the best movie choice, as it can put passengers that choose to watch it in an awkward position, if the reaction of those near them is somewhat critical or judgmental. On the other hand, given the current changes in social norms and the success of shows such as “Sex in the City”, it might turn out to be a big hit.

What do you think? Is Qantas making a right or wrong choice?